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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center, where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Nest "smart" lock and Google home

Bought a nest door lock and trying to set permissions aka access codes for family members but it's impossible to do. Firstly in the nest app there's no icon that's supposedly there shaped like an eye to set passcodes for users. Also the users in the ...

Sooo **bleep**inA team of bull**bleep** liers,

Sooo, I got a new phone. And instead of it being the correct one guess what Julie has.? Do you know what WEEWOO has? Alot of built up anger, and a **bleep** ton of questions. Bring me my **bleep**ing cars or they'll be repoed

Weeewoooo by Community Member
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Google wifi to ethernet connection

I want to get info related Google wifi to ethernet automatic. let say with example if I connect web browser and enter any URL and click okay then url start opening. and if my computer don't have wifi then i need e...

Spotify Display info

Hello! when casting from the Spotify app to my home speaker group, the nest hubs (2nd gen I believe) no longer display song info. It just says Spotify. I know a silly thing but it’s bugging me. I’ve reboot both Spotify and the Google home app on my i...

routines issues

hi all Im hoping someone can help me out with automatons in GH Im trying to get aqara fp2 ( presence sensor) to talk to either Homeseer (HS4) or Hubitat 8 with a simple presence/no presenceMy stepsSet up a switch. in Homeseer...gave it a name and a r...

JPVaus by Community Member
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Ceiling Fan Speed in Google Home App

I have received the new update of the Google Home App. There are many new features but still no way to control Fan speeds in the app. Below is my post from August 2022 for your consideration, again. This is not an on off situation as you have address...