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Tell us about your dream (smart) home

From a modern mansion to a cozy cottage, most people can quickly picture their dream home. But what about when it comes to your dream smart home? What products would make up your ideal ecosystem? And what automation capabilities would you like to see...

Dropcam setup not working

I just bought a Dropcam and I cant add it to my existing setup!! FJGJOh;@@@@!!!Yes, I know about the 32bit setup etc. but seriously, are you walking away from such an expensive product??!!Thats it. I am going to cancel nest aware, and stip wasting my...

Ssm712 by Community Member
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Nest Aware - Desktop

I have the app downloaded on my phone but how do you sync it to a desktop computer?

k9byron by Community Member
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Nest Cam (Battery) not charging reliably

I have two battery nest cams and I am starting to regret the purchase. It is very difficult to get them to charge with the pogo battery connection. I think part of it is the charging connections are not protected at all on the camera and living in co...

Adding users to Google Nest Hub

How do I add users to my google nest hub? It just keeps saying I can't add a user at this time and to review the persons access before adding them. But its not giving me any option to "review" although I have a linked device.

ambers by Community Member
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Nest Garage Door Opener

I would love to see Nest come out with their own garage door opener that can be controlled thru the app and by voice that would also give alerts when the door was opened, closed, or left open.

FWR by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Wired

I had to install my Nest Doorbell Wired upside down so it would see my driveway (otherwise obstructed if installed normally)Do we know when the rotate video feed option will be implemented in the nest app? I mean it is a 230$ doorbell (not including ...

Nicolas11 by Community Member
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