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Nest WiFi Pro wired connection is about 10% of what it was on Nest WiFi

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So, my WiFi Pro arrived today and I was really excited to get it setup. I set everything up using the Google Home app and downloaded the updates. I have a fiber gigabit connection from my provider and their most recent modem. My wired connections are pegged to about 90Mbps. My Nest WiFi (non Pro) was getting 900+Mbps wired.

My troubleshooting has been the following:

  • Restart the Nest WiFi Pro network
  • Restart the modem
  • Restart all switches
  • Reboot the hard wired computers

My Nest WiFi Pro is in DHCP WAN mode and connected directly to the 10Gbps ethernet port on my modem. I am using a mix of CAT 5 and CAT 6 cabling and my switches are all gigabit or higher.

Plugging the old Nest WiFi (non Pro) back in yields 900+Mbps on wired connections.

I think something is wrong


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Is your point wired or wireless? Because I just took the cord off mine and now my speed is faster. Do something with the wired point is causing capping for me 

At the moment, there is only one, acting as the router.  No other points, either wired or wireless added.

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I had same issue with 10% speed. Mine was solved by swapping ethernet cable between modem and Nest Pro unit. The old ethernet cable from my old Nest Wifi unit (flat, white) looks exactly the same as the new one but was throttling my speed. Very strange.

I plan on replacing all the cables as my next step 

I have not tried swapping cables as they were fine on the old wifi.  I will give that a try, seems odd they would work on the old one, but cause issues with the new one, but anything is worth a try

Ok it’s the wired part that’s messing mine up. I unplugged the wires back haul and did mesh and now it’s 300 versus 90 when wired. Weird 

swapping the cables made no difference to my experience, still the same capped at 50

Just tried that tip about switching the ethernet cables as I had not done that before! Unfortunately, no change whatsoever still the same bottle neck! I am done resetting networks this was my last bid.

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Try removing the cable completely and using a wireless mesh, mine went up that way

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Just to throw in my experience, and to bump this thread for increased visibility.

PPPoE on BT FTTP, 40-50MB download and upload, with an unloaded latency of 4ms and loaded of 400ms+.
No devices connected other than the phone (for set-up) and a laptop for when testing directly wired. Wired or WiFi, doesn't make a difference. The download is around 15% of what I get with other routers.

I'm hoping for a fast fix (10 days), otherwise, these are being sent back. Went back to my Huawei AX3 mesh set-up for now.

Oh, and Googles built I speed test says 180-200 Mb, which, even if practically true, is still half of what I get.

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This is exactly the same story me. ☹️

Experiencing the same issue.  I’ve called BT numerous times as it didn’t strike me this could be an issue with Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro, but now I see it is!  Will give it a few days before I look to return the product.

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Exact same for me too.

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Ok update. 

I removed the wired mesh point and did wireless mesh and my speeds went back to normal. Something with the wired point is causing throttling 

I think a lot of people, including me, are seeing the issue with just a single point connected to the ONT, before they introduce any other points

Yep, not the case for me, all my points are wireless mesh and I'm only seeing 50Mbps. Even when directly cabling my laptop to the primary mesh router.

So weird. Everyone needs to contact support so they are aware 

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Having exactly the same issue as all of you. Using it with EE (OpenReach, same as BT) on the 900MB package and only seeing speeds of between 50MB and 150MB (the higher of those was this morning). I spent hours yesterday looking into this and tried multiple cables to the ONT and following all the troubleshooting guides but to no avail. Using the same PPPo£ settings as the EE provided router. Plugging in the same cable from the ONT to the Nest Wifi Pro into the EE Smart Hub gets me the full 900MB. I get the same slow speeds in the Home app AND when doing a speed test over ethernet connected to my laptop. I'm beginning to regret swapping out old Nest Wifi but was impatient for better performance...that worked out well. Waiting on Google now unfortunately! 

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I did a test. Reverted back to my old nest wifi (not the pro).  Then connected the pro to the old one, via ethernet, set it up as a new network, and set it to bridge mode.  Now getting 600mb down, compared with 50mp before.    It is something to do with a direct connection to the ONT modem.  So it can be solved if there is another router handling connection with the modem.  Not ideal, and it needs fixing, but it will help show to google engineers, its not :  
- your walls
- your cables
- etc etc 

Figures I sold my google Wifi already. I thought you couldn’t connect them together?

you cannot have them in the same mesh, but one of them can act as your router connection to the modem.  

Are you suggesting:


ONT -- Other Router (Bridge mode) -- Nest WiFi Pro (PPPoE) -- Devices



Yeah, I don't think we should have too, but if you have one, like the previous model, it seems to sort it out.  It means, it can be used whilst they fix the issue.  I put the Nest Wifi Pro into bridge mode, not the router connecting to the ONT.  I could try it the other way around.  Though I have a worry it (the pro) then would be doing the PPPoE protocol, maybe?? and could result in the same issue

My router is a Linksys one. I'll try this out later. Will help me test my coverage in the house with the WiFi pro at least with real life speed tests.


Any downsides to adding a second router in bridge mode to my network? Increase latency or anything like that or will it essentially be the same?

Main downside is more complexity, and I suppose it hurts latency and speed a little, as there are extra hops.  Also the whole double netting issues, but in bridge mode, that should not be the case.  It got a lot faster (from 400 >> 600) moving it from non-bridged to bridged.

Mine is capped at 50mbps still with my Linksys router in bridge mode ahead of it. Boxing it back up again...

I did think that might happen, I would take the linksys into NAT mode, non-bridged, and try with the pro in bridged.  Or yeah -  just send it back, its ridiculous to think this shipped in that state

So I have my nest WiFi set up now with my old router as a bridge between it and the ONT.


Still limited to 50mbs over WiFi and ethernet 

update on this, adding more nodes did not work though always fails at "adding to mesh", trying factory resets etc

factory resetting for a second time, got it added to the mesh !

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Same here as well.  I have a 1gb fiber connection.  I'm only getting 250-300mbps on all points.  (I disconnected the 2 points and ran a speed test just from the main point that is plugged directly into modem with cat6 cable.  Still only 250-300mbps.  My old nest wifi was getting 500-600mbps.  Google needs to fix this.  I can return mine in the next 45 days to Best Buy.  If there is no improvement within that time, I will be returning this and going to something else.  I only upgraded to wifi pro because, my nest wifi points kept disconnecting or losing signal which was disappointing as well.  Hopefully they have a fix soon!

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Does Google/Nest typically respond to these threads? It's annoying that they haven't even acknowledged this yet

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I contacted via chat. We all need to be contacting them 

They are supposed to call me tomorrow after escalation.  I will be pointing them at this thread, if they start any nonsense support.   Will feedback after I speak with them

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I also have this issue. 50Mbps with PPPoE on BT full fibre. Got 500Mbps on my old setup 

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Talked to support today. They had me try a few things. Nothing worked yet. Also seems to be a dns issue. They had me click a link and it wasn’t showing a dns even though I added what they told me 

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The third router in my network is connected wired to the mesh network. This connection has suddenly gone and has been replace by the mesh (wireless) connection. I cannot get back the wired connection. I tried the google chat, factory reset, other cable. 

I connected this cable directly to my laptop and got maximum download. I plug it in the nest pro router and this router won't recognize this cable and keeps it in mesh mode instead of wired mode.

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And furthermore: the connection is instable. About 20 times a day the routers start flashing yellow and I have to unpower en repower them.

I had the first google wifi network for 6 years without problems. Replacing it with nest pro was not a good idea. I'll wait a couple of days to see some improvements (firmware or software update), otherwise I'l send it back.

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I just switched from Nest Wifi (not pro), and I was getting 900Mbps down on the Home App Wifi test, but now with the Nest Wifi Pro unit, I'm getting ~600Mbps, and that's only when it works. Most days (like today), the Nest Wifi Pro struggles to keep an internet connection at all and I have to manually powercycle both the modem and router to get it working again. Thinking about reinstalling my Nest Wifi non-Pro routers and returning the Pros until the bugs get worked out.


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9to5Google have now covered this issue. Hopefully that brings into focus for Google to sort out for us now!