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Multiple devices responding at the same time

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Issue began week of December 20.


I've had multiple Google Home and Nest speakers in our home for years. Nothing has changed in the past 6 months. 2 weeks ago, multiple speakers are answering when the wake command is issued. I say 'Hey Google, what is 1+1?' and two or three speakers will respond with the information or action that has been requested. There are four speakers on the floor I'm on. One that I'm next to, and others in completely separate rooms respond. There is one in a bedroom (2nd gen Mini) and one in the bathroom (Nest Audio) which regularly go rogue. The other in another bedroom is silent.

I understand that upon hearing the wake command, multiple devices negotiate with each other to decide which will respond. In this case they don't seem to be following that procedure (the one in the other room or the bathroom jump in even though the one I'm standing next to is closest).
I've rebooted the devices and the wake sensitivity is already set to low.
Why is this happening and how can I resolve it?
I have read existing articles but this specific issue (multiple devices on the same network responding to one wake command) is not covered.
I asked this question in the Google Assistant community but was asked to post it here.

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So i was at my whits end with this issue, so i turned to the factory reset as i have 6 devices in my home and sometimes 3 devices would respond. 


I factory reset ALL my devices, minis and Hubs. Then reconnected them all one by one and the issue has resolved. I made sure they were all on 2.4Ghz wifi. 


Hope this works for you too.

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Same issue started happening with my speakers tonight

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Conversely, I'm bummed that this didnt happen to my google assistant devices since I actually think of this as a feature! Is there a way I can ENABLE my google assistant devices to give responses simultaneously for each command?? Basically I'd like to sync the audio output of all my google devices while allowing the input commands to come from any device. This is helpful if I need to query google while going to  room to room since I can still hear the response from a google device in a different area. 

It wouldn't be all that bad if they actually synced up and answer at the same time, but the issue with mine was that they answered at slightly different times and you could not understand the response.

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I'm having the same problem. Multiple devices have started responding. Including my phone saying bizarre things like "you need to have a valid phone signal or internet connection for me to do that" when it's near a google nest, but works fine when it's away from a google nest. It's been happening for around 4 weeks and I've factory reset everything - it's like they don't all know they're on the same network anymore. 

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Hey Google, can you please, like please fix this issue. The amount myself and many others has spent on these things to get that smart home dream and it turned into a nightmare. 

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yes ... agreed.  The Google Home is the only device that I purchased that with every firmware patch gets worse and worse.  Everything that used to 'just work' is broken these days.  I remember when Google Home would recognize exactly what I said and just do it ... now it asks me for confirmation constantly, or even worse, just does random things that have NOTHING to do with what was asked of it.


This issue is one of the WORST though, as I have now disabled the mic on multiple google homes in order for them not to fight on who is going to respond (and then get it wrong).  The Google Homes that I now have mic disabled are basically useless, except for speakers when playing music.

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100% this, exactly my experience. The early days were wonderful for sure. 

Yes!!  Sometimes I feel as if I'm talking to someone with Alzheimer's.  It used to ask me if I wanted to send a report to Google when I told it that its responses were idiotic.  It no longer even bothers.  I think I've sent so many that Google has put me on their "naughty list". LOL 

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This started for me about 10 days ago. I did reboot all the devices and it seemed to work for a very short time and then reverted back to my phone answering, multiple devices answering, there's been a glitch try again in a few seconds etc. I have been relentlessly reporting this through feedback to Google. Unrelated to this I did purchase an Alexa device. While both systems have their pluses and minuses, Alexa seems more stable. I find the way Alexa is organized a little less intuitive in some areas. If this doesn't get fixed soon I will consider eliminating Google except for maybe one speaker because it does provide better answers to non-smart home questions. But purely as a smart home device, I think Alexa is more reliable. Google's constant experimenting live seems to introduce a lot of bugs along the way that are very frustrating in a smart home environment.

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I had actually just got rid of 12 Alexa devices and the sub for an equivalent amount of Nest mini 2 devices. Alexa definitely had much better smart home reliability, but I could never get the music to work reliably. Now the music works great (less so since the Sonos lawsuit), but but Google home speakers work terrible for smart home features. I am hoping they work better when they get updated to Matter. 
I would consider Apple, but my experience with Siri’s voice recognition has been disappointing as well. 
I’m convinced there’s not currently a good option. 

Well, that's disappointing to hear.  The one thing that was keeping me from Alexa is their proprietary attitude - inability to use some apps I want to use, etc.  

I was still considering switching, however, but now I just don't know what to do.  Perhaps I'll keep my Google hub in my LR, but put Alexa in my other two rooms.  I'm not sure if I can do that, but it would solve the problem.  I have an apartment and could hook certain things up to Alexa and some to Google.  That would keep my speakers from interacting teach other.

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This has been happening for weeks and it's driving me INSANE. Honestly about to switch to Alexa because I'm sick of this not working properly and trying to factory reset and it STILL DOESN'T CHANGE.

Agreed.  Mine is getting worse instead of better.

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Trued resetting and issue still persists. Any advice? 

That's just how it is.  Google doesn't care.  They've known about this for a long time.  It's not only in the community, but people have called and reported the issue to them.  They won't do anything to fix it.  

I've checked Alexa and they have some similar issues, unfortunately, but doesn't seem to be as bad.  I recommend checking the Alexa community and deciding which problems you're willing to deal with.  

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Same issue here started in the last few days... WTF, Google?!?!

Possible future fun surprises to come:. Now my phone is often answering and my hub completely ignoring me.  Fun times.  

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Since I have android 13 on my pixel 6, my nest hub max and my phone are responding together, creating duplicate timer.

Anyone else has this issue ?

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It has nothing to do with your particular phone or Android 13.  It's a Google issue.  We've addressed their sync issues over the last 8-9 months, trying to get them to fix them, but they're basically ignoring us, don't care enough to spend time on this issue, or they've so far found the issue unfixable.  I doubt it's the third option.  

So, yeah, most of us are having this issue and so far there isn't a way to fix it.  You can reset your hub, but it will only fix the problem temporarily (1 hour - a couple days), and then it starts back up again.

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Community Specialist

Hi everyone, 


Thank you for posting.


We're sorry to hear about this experience. Let's sort this out by trying some steps on this link:


Also, please make sure that both speakers and Google Assistant devices are using the same Google account.


Let me know how it goes.




Hello, I have an issue with which Google device responds when I access Google Assist.  So, if I were in my bedroom and want my phone to respond but I hear that my Google Hub that's located in the kitchen responding.  How can I dictate which device responds and when?  I don't believe that my Hub can actually here me, and my phone is definitely activating Google Assist on the home screen. Thanks for any help you can provide

I am having the same issue.   I am in a 1200 sq foot house and the wrong device always responds. 

I have:

  • Google Hub Max and Google Home Max in living room.
  • Two Google Nest audio paired in stereo in living room.
  • One Nest mini in bathroom.
  • One Nest Hub Gen2 in bedroom.

Here are the steps I tried to get my Hub Max to respond to setting a stopwatch.

  1. If I am in the kitchen and say "Hey Google set the Kitchen Display Stopwatch" the Google Home Max responds instead of the Google Hub Max display I asked for.  I will turn the sensitivity on Home Max to -2 and Hub Max to +2 and it still sets the stopwatch on the Home Max. 
    1. It is frustrating since the Google Hub Max will clearly type out the words on the display as I am asking but instead will set the stopwatch on the Google Home Max not Hub Max.
  2. I then turned the mic off on my Home Max hoping the Hub Max would respond.  This time my living speakers respond and set the stopwatch. This does not make sense since I am physically in the kitchen and my Hub Max is recording my voice.  Why would the living room speakers in the next room respond?
  3. Again I turn off the mic in living room Nest Audio and ask Google to start stopwatch in kitchen.  This time my bathroom speaker starts the timer and not the Hub Max.
  4. I try turning off the mic to all speakers in the house besides the Hub Max.  When I do this, the Hub Max finally listens to me and starts the stopwatch on correct device.

How do I get the correct device to respond without turning off the mics on all the other devices in the house?  I tried the sensitivity and it did not work.  I do not understand how my Hub Max is recognizing my voice and command but will then set the stopwatch on a different device.  I would expect saying something like "Hey Google start stopwatch on device xxxx" would actually set the stopwatch on device xxxx vs a random Nest device.   


Perfect explanation 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey all,


Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to follow up and see if you are still in need of any help? Please let me know if you are still having any trouble from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further. 

Best regards,

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Yes. Acongalton explained it perfectly.  When I'm in my bedroom (which is pretty close to the kitchen) and I want my Pixel 6 to do something, the words I am saying type out on my phone but then I hear Google Hub Max in the kitchen respond and performs whatever action I requested

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Yes, it is still an issue. Why would you imagine it wasn't? There has been no response with a fix and afaik no software update to fix the problem

exactly..................still an issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Yes this is still an issue, read my detailed explanation above. 

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This is still an issue. I wrote about it in January and you are just responding. I responded on Wednesday and still waiting to hear from you. What is the point of these forums if no help for a Google specialist?

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Yes I am definitely having this issue I hate having your speaker and I'm going to get rid of it if you can't fix it somehow I have to physically unplug it every time I want my phone to do something when I want to ask Google.

Any fixes Jake....or just deal with it?

Asking for numerous frustrated google friends.

Hi everyone, 


Thanks for posting.


I can see that this topic is similar to one of our threads. Let's follow this main thread and let's continue our conversation there so others can also chime in.




I'm also having this issue, and it is frustrating.  I often ask for a timer from my Google display in the kitchen, but I get a response on my Google speaker upstairs, which I can barely hear from the kitchen.  Later, when I ask how much time is left on the timer, the kitchen responds with "you don't have any timers set."   Once the time is up, the upstairs speaker plays the alarm. Is Google planning on fixing this anytime soon?

Right?  I set my alarm for the next morning in my bedroom and my living room answered.  I tried to change the time later and got, "you don't have any alarms set".  Guess I would have missed my appointment the next morning.  I've gone back to using a regular  alarm clock because Google is unreliable.

Let me join the rest and say I'm having the same problem. I have Google Home (bedroom), Nest Hub (kitchen), Nest Mini (master bath), Nest Mini (other bathroom), and Google Mini (office). I also own a Pixel 6. Sensitivity adjustments have not had an impact. 

I have the same exact problem. I will literally whisper "hey Google, connect" to the Nest Hub in my kitchen, but then the Nest Mini in my living room tries (and fails) to connect to Bluetooth devices. Sometime I have to repeat 2 or 3 times before the kitchen one finally responds.

Yes, this is a huge problem and crazy that there is no response. I feel like one time I said 'hey Google you responded on the wrong device' and it actually acknowledged that, but it wasn't those words (I can't remember how I worded it), those words actually had the words pop up saying it responded on a different device (kind of slapping me in the face 😊)

I understand that you are trying to help but is this a joke? Can you please read this thread and contact one of Google's tech specialists with the flaw/bug we have reported for the last year. This issue compromises the whole purpose of the product and the smart home dream. Many thanks. 

I don't think she's trying to help.  I think Google heard there's a big commotion on here and tried sending in reinforcements.  She's just making it worse though.  

Please review this entire thread.  All of those troubleshooting steps have been followed by many of us, to no avail.  We even can fix the problem for a day or two (by resetting EVERY device).  But then the same problem rears its ugly head again.

If you have any way to escalate this, please do so for us!