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Recipe Next Step/Ingredient Command doesn't work

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When using Google Home Mini to cook, it has become pretty useless. I send the recipe from my phone, it starts to read it, gets through the first step or ingredient, can continue on to the next if I ask before it stops listening. But if it stops listening, when I then say "Ok/Hey Google, next ingredient" it either doesn't understand, or finds a recipe with the word "ingredient" in the title. If I say "Ok/Hey Google, next step" it finds Places with the word "next" or "step" in the title. This has been going on for months now, with both of my speakers.


Community Member

I am having the same issue. Any solution?

Nest Hub Max

I have our frequently used recipes saved in our Cookbook collection. I can't figure out the right combination of words to get my assistant to find a specific recipe I have saved and open it in the cooking mode. I've tried "Hey Google, show me <recipe name> from my Cookbook" and other similar phrases. Assistant always brings up suggestions from the web.


I can get to the recipe eventually by asking to open the Cookbook amd then scrolling through looking for it. Once I've got it open, it doesn't recognize any of the commands found on the Cookbook page.

To close the recipe, I try to tap the "I'm done" link at the bottom of the screen but it typically says it doesn't understand (I can't remember the exact phrasing right now). 


Is there anything I can do to get this function working? So far most of the reasons why I purchased this thing are not working out like I expected (won't play a specific playlist of saved videos in YouTube, can't view my calendar in month mode, and now the cooking mode is essentially useless). I love Google products and want it to work, but it's getting frustrating.

Same question here, waiting for an answer.

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I have the same issue and wish it would work again. It was always a bit frustrating that it wouldn't just read the whole ingredient list to you, but at least it used to work at all.

Community Member

I am having the same issue and am eager to find a solution.

Community Member

Same issue here.. ended up finding the recipe from my computer in the next room.  I remember the first time I used this function, it used to work great.  Now I was tempted to throw google in the blender with the rest of the ingredients.

Community Member

I have started trying recipes regularly and saying "report a problem" when it stalls. It is a shame to lose this function.