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Battery Nest Doorbell Only Lasts 1 Week

Community Member

I purchased my Battery Nest Doorbell exactly 30 days ago (and the battery lasted 30 days, which is perfect!), just charged it for the first time (took like 5 hours...) and when I put it back up on Saturday evening (around 5:00 PM) now it says I only have one week of battery life. Does that mean my unit is faulty? Or was this created to only last the first 30 days and then have issues every time thereafter? Can I get a replacement?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello tennisanchacroc,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. Battery life will depend on factors including activity, temperature, and selected camera settings. You can extend the battery life of your camera by adjusting video quality, length of video clips, time between recorded events, and using activity zones to monitor specific areas. Here are some typical scenarios.


Nest Doorbell (battery)

  • Busy - About 1 month of battery life (about 25 - 30 recorded events per day)
  • Typical - About 2.5 months of battery life (about 13 - 16 recorded events per day)
  • Quiet - About 6 months of battery life (about 2 - 5 recorded events per day)

To confirm, did your Nest Doorbell record a lot of events after charging it? To learn more, you may check our public article “Save battery for Nest cameras and doorbells”.




Hi EmersonB,

I have had the same amount of events per day pre-charge as I do post-charge. It lasted exactly 30 days prior to charging. As I'm checking the battery, it says "3 days // 40% battery." So that means it will last approximately 10 days in total for this charge. This is much less than what happened in the first 30 days of ever having the device. I purchased the device on August 5, 2023. Do I need to ship it back for a replacement?

Hello tennisanchacroc,


Thanks for getting back to us. To confirm, what was the battery percentage after you charged it for 5 hours? You can also create custom Activity Zones to further reduce the amount of activity your Nest Camera detects. Use the app to draw an Activity Zone around a part of your Nest Camera's view, then select the event notifications you want to receive for that zone.


Give these steps a try:

  • Try changing the angle of it.
  • Adjust your Nest Camera's angle so that areas with a lot of unwanted activity are out of view of the live stream.
  • You may shorten the maximum event length, it will help reduce battery usage.

Here's how to shorten the maximum event length:

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. Tap Favorites or Devices .
  3. Tap and hold your device's tile More More menu Settings .
  4. Tap Video Maximum event length choose a shorter event length.

Let us know how it goes.




Hi EmersonB,

Unfortunately, even with these settings, it still doesn't last very long on a full charge. We just charged it overnight on Saturday (Sept 23) so it wasn't solely the 4.5-hour charge. We wanted to give it additional time for the battery to get more of a charge. But it's now saying "4 days remaining" today and it's only been 48 hours since we put it back up on a full charge. Can I get a replacement?

Hi tennisanchacroc,


I appreciate your response. Please tell us the light status of your Nest Doorbell while charging and after you charge it. Also, where have you purchased your Nest Doorbell? Have you tried reaching out to them and asking for options on how you can get a replacement?




Light status? It generally just says, "Charging, 4.5 hours left"

I purchased it on Amazon and after the first charge, I was officially outside the window of return. I can reach out to them and see what they say. I would assume it's going to be a no.

Hello tennisanchacroc,


Thanks for getting back to us. We hear and want to extend our assistance with you. We'd be happy to take a look into this for you. Please fill out our Contact us form with all the needed information. Let me know once you’re done.





Hi there,

We got your form — thanks for filling it out. Our team will reach out to you via email anytime soon.