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An update for our Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest Users and Developers Read more

Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users Read more

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Nest x Yale Lock - passcodes not recognized on keypad

Hello,Like a many others, I recently installed a new Nest x Yale lock and are having issues unlocking via passcodes. I set it up per the installation instructions, first creating a (temporary) master passcode on the device before adding the lock on t...

zavid58 by Community Member
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Nest x Yale - manual entry

Hello!I have the Nest x Yale lock and am now renting my home. I would like to know how I can instruct my renters on manually adding their own codes as they won’t be connecting to WiFi. Is there a link to a pdf that I am able to share with them?thanks...

Transition to ADT promo code

I need to have my “promotion email” for transition to ADT security resent as I thought the email sent months ago was fraudulent. I now need the promo code to purchase new ADT security hub. Has anyone had success doing this? I can’t find a way to talk...

Mark59 by Community Member
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Nest Yale Lock - app doesn't see manual locking

Just installed a Nest x Yale Lock on my front door. I've been noticing that if I lock it manually, the app still thinks the door is unlocked. I want the App to see that I have manually locked the door.Shouldn't the lock know that it has been locked m...

BarbaraW by Community Member
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Nest connect

Bought the Yale lock from the google store. I have tried to connect the nest connect to the nest app. Google home sends you there. Tried adding the nest connect and get error code NA004(0.80) nest connect couldn’t connect to wi-fi. Make sure that you...

Mike38211 by Community Member
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Yale Nest Lock

Yale Lock won't connect to Nest connect through the Nest app. When it asks me to press the white indicator button on the back of the lock, it just chirps and never turn blue. If I go on to the next step it gives me a T026 (4060) error. Nest connect i...

antmoise by Community Member
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