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Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users that use Nest Hub Max as a Ran... Read more

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Nest Yale lock doesn’t recognize connect

We set up our nest connect. I have ensured it has a good connection and it is close to the best Yale lock. I have tried having Wi-Fi only on my phone and ensured the button on lock is blue while I try to connect. I have tried to connect by scanning c...

SusieP by Community Member
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Nest Connect MAC Address

How do I find the MAC address of my Nest Connect? I can’t seem to add the devise using the Nest app (I use MAC filtering at home.).

ukhan1 by Community Member
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Add Yale-Nest WiFi Lock to Google Home Mini Voice Commands

Hi - I have set up my Yale-Nest wifi lock, using the Nest Connect module to work with my Google Home - and it works well.I can lock and unlock the lock from my Google Home app on my cell phone, but I can't get the lock to lock using voice commands on...

Nest deadbolt retracted latch hole is vertical

Hello,When I try and re-install my nest lock, it is backwards. Locking unlocks the door and locking locks the door. I recenlty had the door replaced. I have tried to re-install the lock and the instructions do not match up to my deadbolt. When I get ...

sxmalone by Community Member
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Resolved! My doorbell doesn't ring most of the time

I have a Nest doorbell and it does do live and video records but the doorbell itself doesn't ring 95% of the time. My son is having the same issue. Both are in covered front porches.

gogal by Community Member
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Google assistant says Yale lock is unlocked when it is locked

When I tell Google Assistant to lock the door, it locks it then says the door has been unlocked, it does the same with routines. I have removed the device and set it up again and it still does it. I have had this lock for a few years and it has worke...

Plinds00 by Community Member
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Yale Lock icon missing from Google Home and Nest App

Not sure what's been going on. My Yale lock decided to stop honoring my master code. So I reset the lock, by pulling batteries, holding the reset button and then powering the device back on. I deleted the device in the Nest app and then re-added it, ...