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Yale Nest lock unlocks when it's suppose to lock

Installed this lock 2 years ago. Took it apart to clean it. Hooked it back up, re did all the instructions, and now the lock is completely reversed. In other words, when I type in the code to unlock the door, it locks. When I press the "main" button,...

moosey by Community Member
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Yale lock button not lighting up to add to Home

I've reset the lock to factory defaults 3 times and set a Master code. That works and the door locks/unlocks. When I try to add the Product to Nest home and hold down the white button on the back of the lock, it doesn't light up per the instructions....

Channa22 by Community Member
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Guest Codes Not Working on Yale Lock

Hi, I'm having trouble adding guest codes. They add perfectly in the Nest app but don't seem to take to the Yale lock. At first, neither lock was working. I removed the code and tried again which resulted in one lock working, and finally created a ne...

ET27 by Community Member
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Yale Lock Icon Missing

I installed a new Yale lock and connected it with the Nest app. When I went to add another user to the app, the lock icon disappears. I am unable to lock or unlock the door from the app without the icon.

Neat Yale Lock won’t Connect

I just moved into a house that has nest connect and nest Yale locks. I can connect the nest connect but the nest take lock will not connect. I changed the batteries on the lock. And I need help. I noticed many comments here have no responses.

BTConway by Community Member
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Nest Connect

My nest connect unit has gone dead. plugged in, now lights, not being seen by google wifi or nest set up. Tried to reset it but get no lights at all.Is this a common issue that the connect devices brick like this?

Google chrome cast

is there A way to set up Google Chrome cast with no physical remote

Sha1981 by Community Member
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Yale Lock

I have a Yale keypad lock on a new house that was recently purchased and the passcode suddenly is not being accepted. The lock say the passcode will not work right now. How do I resolve this, I am locked out?

Jwalk45 by Community Member
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I bought a home with a nest lock but no connect\

We moved into a home that has the nest lock system, but the sellers didn't leave the Nest Connect or Guard. Is there a way to purchase the Connect or Guard separately so I can operate my lock?

ReneeB by Community Member
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