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Nest smoke detectors

Nest smoke detectors, is there anyway to change the order in which they’re listed on the app without deleting them and re-adding them back in?

Replacing a 1st Generation Nest Protect

I have an old 1st gen wired Nest Protect I'm looking to replace with a 2nd gen.I can't see an easy way to remove the old wires from the push-in connectors that were installed with the old 1st gen protect. Does anyone know how to remove the old push i...

GurvM by Community Member
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Mix of battery and wired Protects

Howdy. We currently have three battery Protects (2nd gen) in our home and are in the process of renovating an attached living space for my mother to live with us. It looks like the electrician (probably by code) wired two connections for smoke detect...

nest fire alarms

Do I need to replace my nest fire alarms with ones connected to the mains as per the new legislation coming into effect in March?

MM71 by Community Member
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Nest Protect in EV-only garage

We have two EVs in our attached garage and have no intention of buying any gas cars in the future.I'd like to add a Nest Protect in the garage to detect any fires from electrical issues with either the charging circuit or the cars; not worried about ...

jamieb by Community Member
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Does Home nest need a cellular phone connection

I am trying to set up a Google home nest with an iPhone. I have a Gmail account and have linked my phone and the Google home nest with the same Wi-Fi Location. The phone however is not connected to a cellular service. It is simply a phone that can ac...

Bhaughery by Community Member
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Hot batteries in Nest protect

My Nest Protect started a low battery chirping. I opened the battery compartment to remove the batteries and they were scorching hot. I couldn't even touch them. They were the energise lithium batteries recommended for the device. I am worried it cou...

Melanie by Community Member
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