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false C02 alarms when there is no C02 present.

I have a sealed AMGF battery backup system for my solar, it works great, but during an extended power outage the Nest alarm detects C02. I have a stand alone C02 detector in the room, it never goes off.An AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery contains a s...

alvig by Community Member
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goggle nest mini

I have brought another goggle nest mini and want to add it to my account and different room. I have put it near my bedroom t.v, will that be a problem when it is on with the noise? I have not had any email to say that I am connected and welcome? Plea...

sandradee by Community Member
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Resolved! Installing Nest Protects crashes app

Hi - We bought a home that has multiple NEST apps already installed. I am now trying to bring the Protects online and my iPhone app keeps crashing. There was a thread that discussed this and the solutions was to keep trying over and over and somebody...

jim4004 by Community Member
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Nest Secure

I cannot find the home and guarding feature anymore on my nest app if I can find or get some help with reputting it back on the app it will really be appreciated

remote silencing of low battery alarm

I'm on holiday for 3 weeks and my app and neighbour tells me the alarm is chirping. Can I silence the chirp remotely and if not why not as I cannot be the only person to have this problem. My neighbour is annoyed, quite rightly so!

MT by Community Member
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Nest App Crashes While Installing Protect

Nest App Crashes While Installing Protect. Have tried 25 times and the neat app crashes everything. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app also on iPhone. What do I need to do?

Lynds by Community Member
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