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Cannot connect to Synology NAS using Google Wifi

I was using a Synology NAS with my old Linksys router. I replaced the Linksys router with Google Wifi today, and it went flawlessly, except I cannot connect to the NAS. I have the NAS wired directly to the ethernet port on the Google Wifi mesh router...

vivlund by Community Member
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Ethernet configuration?

In my Google Nest Router, when I plug a device into the LAN port, I get no connection to the device. Tried connecting a PS4 and a Dell Laptop. In both cases no Ethernet connection was seen. Is there a setup configuration that needs to take place in t...

wolraht by Community Member
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Wifi slows down every night

Every night, my Google Wifi mesh slows down to a crawl. There's nothing wrong with the Internet speeds; all the devices directly wired to the modem are getting 400+ Mbps. But the wifi network drops to 25 Mbps. If I reset the network, the wifi speed j...

pico303 by Community Member
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Unplugging and returning the Google Wifi today...

I tried to make this thing work to no avail.If your ONLY needs are very simple Wifi--with no "connected devices", and no "hardwired devices", but a simple Wifi system for a house, you are probably OK.But, my small "home office" was too much for the G...

mdsalemi by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Router Setup - Google Home Screen goes Blank

When attempting to set up my Google Nest Wifi Router, the device will show up in available devices, when I select it the screen goes blank. No next steps or options available. I’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in, the router always gets picked ...

DC_Nest by Community Member
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Accessing Raw Logs from Nest WiFi Router

Is there an API or other way to access the raw logs from the Nest WiFi router? I'm running a lab on devices in my home, and would like to analyze the network traffic.

Anesu by Community Member
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How to restore Google WiFi Configuration

Ok, I was forced to hardware reset my routers (because Google Home app is severely broken) and now I ended up with having to create a new home and new setup. The old Home is stl there with wifi configuration,how do I restore it? Google help tells me ...

mlasevich by Community Member
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Resolved! Google wifi smart home devices

I am trying to connect smart outlet plugs and smart bulbs and I can’t get my phone off of 5ghz to do this. I am sitting way out behind my house and still can’t connect them when it switches to 2.4 and an extension cord run out to there for the device...