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Wifi speed when Chromecast

Hello, I have the mesh system and use Chromecasts on every TV. The WiFi at the modem is reading 900+, on iPhones it pulls 170-280 consistently while on the wifi network. The problem is, within a minute of turning on the tv connected to one specific C...

Google home app not connecting with with extra Wifi point

I have Google nest mesh with 2 wireless wifi points, due to poor coverage, I bought 2 more wireless wifi points with router.To start, 1. can I connect 3rd and 4th wireless wifi points to existing router?2. If yes, my google home is not recognising th...

Patcash7 by Community Member
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Google wifi 6

Hello! I have the Google Nest Wifi 6e for our home. I use the groups and pause option but my teenager has found a way around it. His computer constantly reconnects after I've paused him. I have 15 of his computer name in my list of devices. I'm assum...

Google WiFi

Just wondering at my home we have it at least I have limited amount of bandwidth to use would a Google WiFi point be using bandwidth from the already existing network or would it not or use very little?

Google Nest Wifi Not able to connect to Spotify

Hello there, I have tried several methods like performing factory reset settings but still unable to resolve the part where my spotify will not have any sound appearing on my google nest despite having the "beep" sound upon doing a mirror cast. Can a...

SgtRedrum by Community Member
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Google mesh network requires daily reboot

This system is a joke. I've done every troubleshooting list and have bridged a smart switch after removing the ISP router to see if that was the issue now (another $50) and STILL daily reboots of the google hardware is only fix for wifi speeds droppi...

nichwei by Community Member
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Resolved! AC1200 and the "Globe" Ethernet Question

I have 3 of the AC1200 units in my home, one directly connected to my cable modem, the other two doing their "mesh magic" and talking to the connected one.As part of a remodel, I have the ability to run Cat5 to the rooms where the two that are not co...

Google Nest Wifi to Nokia 5G Gateway

I have recently had to change over from fibre optic internet to 5g due to the location of our new home. I have already set up all our smart home devices etc to our google home wifi router and nest points. I have tired plugging the router into the Nok...

jarredg by Community Member
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