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Introducing Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) - The better way to Wi-Fi Read more

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Help with TP-Link VR400 and Nest Wifi

Hi folks,I need some help from someone with much more technical knowhow than me. I had 1GB Fibre installed and was given a Vodafone Gigabox router to use. The wifi speed seems ok(ish) when stood next to the router but the range of the thing is shocki...

Brendan23 by Community Member
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Google nest wifi and Bell home hub 4000

Has anyone successfully integrated nest wifi with the bell Fibe home hub 4000. There is no bridge mode and the wifi on my 3 pod mesh system is awful since switching to it. Cuts in and out constantly and major connectivity issues. Anyone have a soluti...

RT2023 by Community Member
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Recommended 3rd party wifi extenders

Hello, I currently have AC2200 and 3 of google access points. It covers my house great. But I have a out door kitchen that I want to cover too. Want to give a 3rd party wifi extender a try. This will give me good coverage outside. Which 3rd party wif...

matapiajr by Community Member
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Input Speed Slows Coming From The Base Unit

My Google Home mesh test shows downloads from my TDS fiber at 320 mbs. When I do a speed test at the Google base unit I get a reading of 60 or 70 mbs out. Why would this happen?

hvsteve1 by Community Member
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Google AC2200 with x3 points

Hello,I currently own googles AC2200 with 3 points. It is currently connected to my AT&T WiFi Gateway which is my modem plus router with wifi. I want to make sure all my devices are on the same network. Currently my google AC2200 is hardwired to my A...

matapiajr by Community Member
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Impossible to connect 2.4ghz devices?

I bought the Google Wifi 3 pack, and am hitting a wall as it seems any device I have in my house that uses 2.4 (and can only use 2.4) won't work with the Google Wifi devices.Is there no work around for this?

Can't add additional wifi points

I can't add additional wifi points to my main wifi router. I'm getting an error that the wifi point is far away from the wifi router even though it's literally a couple of feet next to each other. Any idea what to do?

Titan312 by Community Member
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Devices only connect to primary google wifi not mesh

I have 4 Google wifi, 1 primary and 3 mesh units. I have the primary upstairs at the furthest point in the house and the other 3 are WIRED.I check in the google home app and it shows every device in my house is connected to the primary, none to any m...

coleburg by Community Member
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