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Wifi issue again

Warranty up after a second nest wifi issue, how is this a staple for the nest thermostat? Just dealt with customer service and no such help, never will be purchasing another nest product with the frequent issues. Never ends.

Mylen by Community Member
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Nest Mesh w/ Verizon Modem

I just got a Verizon Modem/Router. Will the Nest Mesh work with this device?

kim9 by Community Member
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Google WIFI has disabled my Meraki device for my Home Office.

I have had my Google WIFI for about 3 years and I work from home. My company provides a Meraki device, which is a secure way to connect my work laptop to the office. This allows for me to work from home. As of 4 days ago, the Meraki has lost connecti...

Gjermali by Community Member
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Google wifi provisioner...? HelpME!

Does this Google Wi-Fi provisioner app that my phone is updating, create Networks on my Wi-Fi that my Wi-Fi can't see because they aren't Google's mesh Network?You understand what I'm asking? My network has a router that's not compatible with Google ...

Schrokman by Community Member
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Problems with google mesh wifi speeds after increase at modem

We have Spectrum that was originally 100mbps with 1 google router with 2 nodes/points. They are about 32 feet and 20 feet line of sight from the modem/router. With this set up I got 98mbps at a wireless connected desktop downstairs from the modem. Wh...

bezeemom by Community Member
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Older devices

Both my nest hub and mini (older models) will not connect to my Google Wifi. I suspect it is because they are 2.4 ghz I know that the Google mesh is dual band and should accept both types of device but this appears to not be the case. I have attached...

Spike1815 by Community Member
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Need to force Google Nest Wifi to a 2.4ghz connection on Pixel 5a

I am trying to setup a smart light switch that requires access to a 2.4 ghz internet connection. I use Google Nest wifi which connects automatically to 5 ghz.I've read advice to try setting up the device far from your router, but this is impossible i...