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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Assistant responding to all smart home tasks in a routine

I have had a bedtime routine that turns off a variety of lights and does multiple other tasks when I go to bed. Normally it will respond "turning off 24 lights from Nabu casa" which is the connection that controls my lights.Recently the assistant has...

Tpereira by Community Member
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Goggle Home App

Why cant i install the new upgraded Google Home app my phone is a iphone se ios 17.0

jd2348 by Community Member
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Problem adding a camera

Already have an active Nest Aware subscription for our first camera. Recently added a second camera but is not recording videos. It's prompting me to subscribe again (my subscription is good through 11/2023) tried multiple ways including adding it in...

SunnyLu by Community Member
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Cant get Entry Key -- How??

I have Nest THermostat E just purchased and installed. Ios app on phone works fine.I need an Entry Key to use the web app. This Nest E does NOT support the procedure used forlearning etc: Setting to 'nest app'.. It's not there.HOW do I get the Entry ...

TerryKing by Community Member
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Resolved! Google home fail to link philips hue

Hello.For some time now I've had a problem with Google home: my philips hue lights no longer work.This prompted me to unlink / link my Philips hue account. Unfortunately, since then I've been unable to connect it, and I keep getting the same error: "...

bbat888 by Community Member
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Migrated Nest Account will not link to Google Home App

This exact question was already asked a year ago, and no one came to a conclusion on this. Prior to migrating my nest account to my google account, I used to be able to ask my Google Home to show me the front door, and it would show me my nest camera...