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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Setting up a rental property with google home

I have a property that I am looking to rent out (to a tech savy renter), in my property I have:- google nest wifi routers- google thermostat- google yale lockI am trying to research what to do with my lock, as an owner, it's important for me to retai...

sjbishy by Community Member
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Nest Learning thermostat won’t stay connected to app

I have followed all suggestions on troubleshooting for this problem but it still persists. Nest thermostat is online but will not stay connected to app. If I take phone to thermostat and press ring it will connect for a short period. Battery level is...

Annlo by Community Member
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Routine with SONFF temperature sensor

Hello,I associated a Sonoff SNZB-02D temperature sensor with Google Home using eWeLink. This sensor appears in Google Home and displays the temperature (but not the humidity).However when I want to create a routine with the sensor as a trigger, I can...

geoffrey_ by Community Member
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Why is google home no longer working

Google is an absolute disgrace. Google home and related home hardware is unable to perform simple tasks, is full to the rafters with bugs, and is entirely unfit for purpose. I am so sick of this company and their products. For anyone reading this, I ...

Geofence error present for multiple weeks

Hi everyone,I have multiple Nest and Hue devices at home and several Home routines that depend on voice commands, time schedules, and home presence. I designed them all using the Home web version.While the voice and time driven automations all work, ...

flolo by Community Member
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Products offline

Something with this update caused all my Google nest devices to go offline through the app. Thankfully they still work manually but anyone have a solution to get them back online through the Google home app?

Connection issues

After a prolonged blackout nothing wants to work. None of the lights that were connected to my home app are working. They are still there but are only showing off line. Any idea on how to get them working again. Simplest explanation possible as I'm p...

Ems1973 by Community Member
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Unlink accounts on specific devices

Does anyone have any idea on how to unlink non-household member accounts showing up under specific devices? Accounts can't be selected or managed under the 'device settings/recognition & sharing/linked accounts'. Occasionally this account owner ends ...

rov3rt by Community Member
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