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Different spotify account

Hey thereWanting to know how to have 2 spotify accounts accessible on Home as when I am listening to my account on my phone and my wife puts Spotify on Home it stops my music and plays on Home inside. How do I get her spotify account to register on H...

MW1987 by Community Member
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Limited sharing

How do I share only some of our Nest devices with someone? We want to share thermostats and doorbell but not cameras, is this possible?

Cpinto1 by Community Member
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adding member

is there a way to add a member with read only access. i.e. view cameras change temp on thermostats but not be able to do administrative tasks such as adding or deleting members ?

Google won’t let me listen to specific podcast

When I ask google to play a specific podcast ie- “hey google play this American life” google will say this podcast isn’t available for your account. Google was working fine last week, I have already tried resetting the device to no avail. Hope you ca...

Resolved! Escalating a case

Hello I want to know how can i escalate case ID [6-5364000031733]As what have mentioned is nonsense and i have replied and have a proof for my issue and i even cant use my play balance

Mahmoud86 by Community Member
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Nest Connect is offline

My Nest Connect is offline, I have tried everything from factory reset to closing the app, to shutting down my phone. I follow the instructions and unplug the connect the light flashes blue for a long time then just goes off, it does not turn green o...

bw1111 by Community Member
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transfer account

Hi Guys, i set up a camera for a customer, unfortunately on my nest account.The problem is that the camera is built into a wall, and I cannot get it out to read the QR code on the back.Therefore, I would like the owner who already has access to it, t...

How to completely delete Nest account

Hello, I have moved out of the apartment with the Nest appliances, and now live in an apartment without Nest appliances.I am unable to delete the account from within the app or on my computer. In fact, I am unable to log in at all, yet I still receiv...

KL1 by Community Member
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