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Google home app says iPhone not available when syncing

Hi I’ve been searching and adjusting and deleting and restoring but I still get this problem every time I say “sync devices”.doesn’t matter if I say it to the phone or to my google nest mini spkr going crazy! Please help me out! “Got it, syncing devi...

pitro by Community Member
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App not working

My husband and I were both able to use the app. Now my app won't work and I don't want to change anything that will affect his app because we need at least one to be working. Thanks!

mmims by Community Member
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Why is there an arbitrary 5 home limit?

I run short term rentals and thought the Google Nest thermostat / camera combo would be a great way to automate my properties but today I found out there's an arbitrary 5 house limit in the app. Why is that? I saw that it used to be 3, now 5... if we...

weiyang21 by Community Member
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Nest app won’t work without wifi

Recently the nest app stopped working when I was not connected to Wi-Fi. I thought it was my phone but I got a new iPhone 13 and still having a problem. Everything works fine when I’m on the Wi-Fi network. The app works on my fiancés phone whether sh...

Schett321 by Community Member
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