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I have an OPPO A73 and a Mac OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6 Am I able to use a Chromecast Home TV unit?

Stop Switching to Away

Hi,I have the Google Home and Nest apps. On GH I have my google router, wifi point, one nest thermostat, and two Hue lights. On Nest, I have one Protect smoke detector.On GH Presence Sensing I have everything off (allow GH to use my phone location, n...

Makushr1 by Community Member
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Unenroll Nest Rush Hour

Google and Nest make it nearly impossible to unenroll from Rush Hour Rewards. I have called three times, verified my identity in every way, and been on hold for 20 minutes. There is clearly some sort of collusion with the energy companies to make thi...

Sespring by Community Member
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Smart bulbs won't change color

Other folks have posted about this issue with the resolution but for some stupid reason I can't respond in that form to say that it didn't work for me which is ridiculous. So here I am creating a whole new thread just to say that the resolution of go...

Nest app set-up issues

Hi there,I recently connected to Nest Wi-Fi pro from Google Wi-Fi and I’m now trying to reconnect everything. I had all cameras, protects, thermostat connected to the Nest and Home apps but now I can’t set-up the Nest app to connect the thermostat. I...

JJH by Community Member
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