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Migrated but I cannot access Nest Account

I need to reset the password to my original account. I have been trying to do this prior to and after Google purchasing Each time I request the link, the email is not sent to my email address. I cannot reset my thermostat because i...

DrMj by Community Member
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Not recognising smart switch as seperate devices

I have a 4 gang power strip switch set up in Tuya. Up until few days ago Google Home recognized the switches as individual devices therefore I can not control 4 different outlets from google home app. I have added that to alexa and it's shows 4 separ...

Chama by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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Resolved! Ghost device in Family Bell

I have a device that appears in Family Bell for notification that Google home does not show as a device in the home.

HausUser by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Switches Offline

We install Switchbee, and I notice in a number of installations that all or some switches are Offline.However if you try switch on or off all lights it works

Still receiving old emails

I recently moved homes and tool all my products with me. I removed the old house from my nest account, but the Google Home is still sending me nest reports showing 0kWh. It's not a big deal, but I would love to stop these emails. I already removed th...

Home app TV controller

I have been using my phone though the home app as a controller for my linked TV. Just today, as I was watching tv it crabbed out and asked me to enter in the code displayed on my TV to link my device. I accidentally entered it in wrong! Whoops. Now I...

Recording history ends at around 7PM in Full History

The new Home app doesn't display full history recordings when we go to History --> Full History. It always ends around 7-ish PM each day. We can view recordings past 7PM but need to open the last recording and scroll to the left manually. This happen...

TanTnT by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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GHT3 Xiaomi not working ( Linking xiaomi Home to google Home )

While searching I found out this issue started in 2021 until now, Do you have any solution?, have a problem linking Xiaomi home to google home.The error is " Could not reach Mi Home, Please try again "Is the Xiaomi Home different From Mi Home? becaus...

SiPendek by Community Member
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