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Could not connect to Cloud Intelligence

I've been using smart plugs that use Cloud Intelligence for a year successfully connected to my Google account and routines. Suddenly it stopped working yesterday. I went in and re-paired all the plugs, uninstalled and reinstalled the Cloud Intellige...

TimCO by Community Member
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New Google nest

I’ve bought my first device and followed the instructions. The nest has been detected on the home app but it says it is not connected to WiFi. But my phone is connected to WiFi. The help section says reset to factory settings but it’s brand new! A Ch...

Loraine60 by Community Member
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Set up a second hand mini speaker

I have several Google mini speakers all working fine but I have just purchased a second hand mini and it is telling me to log on to Google home, never had this problem before even when changing my server, need help.

Linked Google speakers?

How do I start something on one speaker and continuously on a second? eg, I started a timer on my Nest Mini.. but the other Google home speaker knew nothing about it when I asked “ How long left on timer?”Cheerssteve..

Loony by Community Member
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Google Hub-Black Screen

DEVICE : Google Nest HubISSUE : Black screen, unresponsiveSTEPS TAKEN: Reboot device, Recovery mode, Factory resetCONTEXT : Long time google home user and up until now, fairly satisfied overall (8 devices not counting "works with" vendors.) If I am m...

EndUser by Community Member
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Google Duo Issues

Hi, I originally had a thread about this, but it was locked. Over the past couple of months, Google Duo on my phone has been having repeating issues with showing a black screen when someone is calling me and I've answered. My phone screen goes comple...

TS01 by Community Member
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Google home mini wifi

Just moved into my off campus apartment housing and brought my mini from home… but it cannot connect and constantly says “ speaker may be set up, but we could not communicate with it from your iPhone. Make sure that you have enabled local network acc...

Saajan by Community Member
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