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NEST HUB Max manufactured for a different country

My Nest Hub Max, wouldn’t connect to my wifi I get the following error message on my google home app ‘THIS NEST HUB MAX Was manufactured for a different country, and may not be compatible with your Wi-Fi Network’ I’ve factory rest my device, ensured ...

Matty87 by Community Member
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Unwanted Mirroring

The only devices I have on my home device is a couple of lights and no know mirrored devices. Today I was sitting next to my display. It made a tone and then a display of a phone showed on the screen. It was active with typing being shown and did not...

Glennr by Community Member
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Two white dots on my nest audio

My Google nest audio is displaying two white dots and won't connect to Google home. They're not flashing or moving across the plane. I've tried all methods of factory reset including unplugging for 10 seconds 11 times.

EthanCode by Community Member
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Spotify stops in the middle of the night

I play an 8 hour podcast episode of white noise to help me sleep with my insomnia, but for some reason I never wake up to the episode past 2 hours.I recently rebooted my speaker to fix the continued conversations but, but this has continued as an iss...

Ellolove by Community Member
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Nest audio 24hour

So i recently set up my Google nest audio, and the time format is in 12 hour format instead of the 24th as a live in Europe.

Ghost_xp by Community Member
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Can’t select a music service on Nest Hub Max

For roughly the last month I have been unable to get the following voice command to work on my Nest Hub Max:”Hey Google. Play (SONG) on (MUSIC SERVICE).”I’ve tried different songs, artists, albums, genres. Nothing works. It either tells me about the ...

Google mini contact glitches

About 2 weeks ago this started glitching, and continues to be a problem and big annoyance. Every time I ask it to play something it sits with the four dots solid and then eventually says that it experienced a glitch try again in a few seconds, I then...

Bran1501 by Community Member
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1st gen nest hub sudden screen burn

Today I suddenly noticed my 1st gen nest hub screen shows somewhat likea burn screen 90% of it is darkened and have what appears to be several and very thin black vertical lines in the darkened space, I got the device on 2020 so is not that old and h...

2022-09-3007.27.278023749631491571889.jpg 2022-09-3007.31.247307980269751369101.jpg 2022-09-3007.32.524338781521393873169.jpg 2022-09-3007.35.223380563763020580192.jpg

Nest Cam Message

As per this thread : Will Google re-allow us to disable the 'your camera is being viewed' message 0n the hubs? Its my house and my rules so ...

gkinghrn by Community Member
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