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Cameras and Doorbells

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Cameras offline frequently

So for the last few years our Nest Hello and our other Nest cameras would frequently go offline. I had read in other forums that this was a common issue. A couple years ago I made a failed attempt to bridge my internet provider's wireless modem/route...

AJ_IOOF by Community Member
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Connect Wi-Fi

I changed the password on my WIFI and i need to scan the code to re-connect. The issue is mine is mounted at the top of my house with no easy way to scan the code or see the code. My camera is a 1st generation. Is there a way for me to connect with a...

Myrian by Community Member
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Nest Aware doorbell wired generation one

I have a 1st generation Nest Hello which has failed. So I bought a new one and set it up, I will actually install it tomorrow. I have a Nest Aware account. I want to delete the old unit and add the new one which came up with a free trial. But of cour...

Comsguy by Community Member
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Nest 2nd gen wired doorbell

When our Nest Hello doorbell died we replaced it with the wired 2nd gen, because we like the integration with all our Google home hubs and hub max. But the software using the doorbell with the Home app is abysmal compared to the Nest app. The motion ...

Jako607 by Community Member
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Nest DoorBell (battery) fell from mount and lens Broke

Hi all,Came out this morning to my doorbell on the front steps with a smashed lens. No interaction with it overnight and it was properly mounted and clicked in per Nest Instructions. Anyone else experience this? Also being told by customer service si...

Mc33 by Community Member
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