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Nest cam (indoor) power

Hello,I cannot find what is the power needed for the Nest Cam indoor.I bought an UPS with a USB socket 5V and 3A but it seems not to be enough for the cam. The led blinks and the camera goes offlineAs soon as I plug the USB in the nest charger the ca...

Nest camera and Google home hub

I have second generation nest camera (white camera) that I have in my sons bedroom. I just moved to a larger space so I bought a Google home hub to stream his camera too. My home hub is telling me it cannot support streaming. Is this because of the n...

Nest Camera 2nd Gen viewing from computer

I just bought a Nest Camera Indoor 2nd Gen figuring it would work just like the Nest Camera Indoor 1st Gen I bought for my parents with the ability to view from the web. Viewing from the phone works some of the time, but I work in a location where yo...

psu90 by Community Member
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Nest Cam black live screen

Hi Everyone I am not new the Google Home World and have set a couple of Nest Cams for my Parents and friends. I now have my own home and bought 2 Nest Indoor cams. The setup went without issues until the live stream to install the camera comes up. Un...

White screen

Had anyone ever notice that when going back to watch history of video recording there will be a block when nothing comes up but a white screen. The sound is still being recorded but there is no video due to this white screen that comes up.

Zakiah by Community Member
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Home/Away working great but, is there a way to get notified ONLY when BOTH myself AND spouse are away from home?

BKWhb by Community Member
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Really dark day or night

Below are the same image just a couple days a part around the same time of day. They both have the light on but now it is just way to dark and no settings were touched. Any ideas?     

Screenshot_20220926_211159_Home.jpg Screenshot_20220926_211252_Home.jpg
Vick1474 by Community Member
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