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Nest Doorbell glass is cracking up

HiIs there a way to get replacement front glass for the Nest Doorbell? The glass seems to be cracking around the camera lens. This appears to be quite common from what I can see (design fault?). It looks like no thermal expansion gap was left and the...

NickG_UK by Community Member
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Nest doorbell lens replacement

My nest doorbell (less than 1 months old) fell off the mount and the lens shattered. Reading through the forum this seems to be a very common issue and design flaw of the mounts themselves. Can a member of support please help me file a warranty claim...

Visitor annoucement Google Nest Doorbell

I have installed the Google Nest Doorbell for a year or so. It is a nice piece of technology. I don't have a ringer anymore. The visitor annoucements are done through the Google Mini and The Google Hub. On the same devices I listen to music on a low ...

mickeyr61 by Community Member
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Frayed power cord

I noticed the other day that the power cord on my indoor nest cam has started to fray. It’s been in the same spot since I brought it and never moves. Wires are visible which has made me think it is unsafe so I’ve had to unplug it. The warrantee ended...

Replacement magnetic base for Nest Camera

I need a replacement magnetic base for my Nest Cam Outdoor. I have seen other post here and then customer service will respond but then lock the thread when others also need that item. If Nest Aware is going to increase by 33% the least you can do is...

kylemason by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell is Peeling

Hi Community,I’ve noticed this summer that my Nest doorbell has started peeling on the front and around the button. The peeling around the button is quite jagged and some guests reported cutting their finger on the edge. This is surprising given the ...

CN1 by Community Member
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Doorbell ring length on nest hub

The doorbell is installed and connected to the Nest Hub. When ring button is pressed, It rings for only one second before the nest hub notification. How can I make the doorbell ring on the Nest Hub for a longer duration? Note that I don't have ring c...

Abdel001 by Community Member
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