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Nest Thermostats

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Receiving “rH wire no power” & e4 message

12 year old Nest is not charging. When power is cycled to the furnace - only the fan runs.Steps to date:1) charged the display2) changed filters3) reset the unit4) cycled furnace circuit result: no rH power detected “e4” code

Short cycling 3 years after Nest install

Hoping someone can help me here. I'm out of ideas. I’ve had a Nest 3rd gen thermostat for 3 years. Starting this cold season, I noticed that whenever the thermostat would call for heat, quite often the furnace would kick on like normal, run for about...

Moved into home with Nest thermostat

I moved into home with Nest thermostat and can't get pin. Everything I've found says go to settings, but settings has an exclamation point inside the wheel thingy and it takes me back to the previous display.

Lori4 by Community Member
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H71 Error - no Heat Link power - no heating

Hi Team!!Need your urgent assistance please.Im getting error H71 on the thermostat and it is due to the Heat Link no longer being active - there's power and the boiler is on/providing hot water but the Heat Link has no light on.I've run through troub...

GodsC147 by Community Member
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H71 Error code- Heat Link

I cannot get my thermostat to link to the heat link. It has been running fine for months but all of a sudden tonight it’s not working. Have tried many of the suggestions here and used the interactive troubleshooter. I now have a slowly flashing blue ...

GillR1 by Community Member
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