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Nest won't switch off scheduled heating.

Hi. I have been holding off as long as possible with the heating like most people but have recently switched heat on manually via the Nest. This week I caved and set a schedule. Heat comes on fine as scheduled but doesn't switch off. I realised after...

SGuy1 by Community Member
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can not send an invitation

I'm trying to invite my partner to the Nest Learning Thermostat.She has a Google account and a Gmail address, but the invitation is not sentI get the message:"an invitation cannot be sent to ******@gmail.comHow can i invite a family member to the Nes...

3rd Gen. Nest Learning thermostat compatibility

Got a new 3rd Gen. Nest Learning thermostat to replace a Honeywell Home ProSeries (TH4210U2002) thermostat , got 6 wires on the Honeywell thermostat connectors, Y , G , C, O/B , R and on the sixth connector with two labels , AUX-W2.Could someone plea...

Rex123 by Community Member
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Thermostat changing temps on it's own

I own 2 Nest thermostats, both model Display 3.4, software 6.2-27Both have worked perfectly for years. Both now have a strange problem. At least 2 times a week, both of them, ON THEIR OWN, turn up the heat. One turns it up to 70 degrees, the other to...

awardb by Community Member
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Reconnect Nest 2020 Thermostat to New Router

I had a new router installed, So now I do not have a connection to the wifi as there is a new network. I know a few of the steps to reconnect but not all. I have removed the device on the Home app (android) and clicked on add new device, thermostst, ...

mrelmo by Community Member
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Next Learning not adapting to new furnace

I installed a new furnace/AC this summer, using the existing Nest that worked fine with the old unit.Now that the weather has turned cold, I find the Nest is not turning the furnace on at the right time to hit the morning heat target. There is no pat...

Blue Universal 1F85-0422

Hello: I have a Blue Universal 1F85-0422 thermostat. I'm trying to do a compatibility check for Nest Thermostat, and can't tell if it's compatible. Does anyone know if the Nest Thermostat will work?

New Google Nest for office

I was installing a new Google Nest for the office. I was able to get it installed and working but it was blowing cold air with the heat on. The old thermostat does have a jumper from R to RC. Do you think that is the issue?

gbb1995 by Community Member
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HELP!!How do I override or disable the ECO function. Regardless what I set the thermostat at for comfort, ECO intervenes and resets the thermostat fequently to a setting that is very uncomfortable.

Jim007 by Community Member
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