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Nest Thermostat - Stuck at "Starting Up..."

Nest mirrored thermostat working perfectly. Now it's stuck on the "G" and cycling through "Starting Up..." message. I've removed it from the wall, from my app, and tried numerous times to restart, reinstall, replaced batteries, basically everything. ...

Cannot connect Nest Thermostat to Google home

I used to have my Nest Thermostat connected to my google home. Now it when I tell it to change the tempature, I get advised that the thermostat has not been set up yet. I have gone through the total reset of the next App to my router and everything e...

Jribs by Community Member
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Nest heatlink no power

My nest heatlink has suddenly stopped working today with no power reaching the unit.I have 2 zones, with one heatlink still working with green light and the other no lights or power. I have tried turning the power on and off but still only one heatli...

Nest Thermostat Will Not Charge After Power Outage

The house lost power due to storm for 3 days. Power is back on but battery is low. I have charged it externally and put back on connector plate. Nest is not charging automatically but it has power and turns AC on. Not sure what to do to keep it charg...


I can’t get my Nest to show an AC mode. Only heat. Any ideas?

Nest thermostat

Recently moved into a new house that already has nest thermostat installed but previous owners do not remember password. Any way to factory reset the device manually?

Edgar by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat eco mode improvement

I am not having an issue, just a suggestion. The plan I have with my utility company has cheaper rates for 21 hours (6:00PM to 3:00PM) and significantly higher rates for 3 hours (3:00 PM to 6:00 PM). During the Arizona summer, we precool our home fro...