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Nest Thermostats

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compatibility and wiring help

Hi, I am hoping to get some help to see if Nest learning Thermostats 3rd gen is compatible with my current system.I am based in Ireland and I have multi-zone heating and hot water, I have one thermostat in each zone and a 3-way programmer to control....

gherkin by Community Member
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AC turns on and turns off immediately

I'm replacing a regular thermostat with a Nest and having a problem in which the AC will turn on, but then immediately turn off (fan in the AC starts up but then turns off, you can also hear the switch click off). The blower fan keeps on for a bit bu...

Dan838792 by Community Member
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Humidity Level

I recently had an Alpine Air whole-home dehumidifier installed and connected to my Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd gen.). Everything is operating properly with the exception of one glaring issue, being that the dehumidifier continues to run well beyond...

RoyalSon by Community Member
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Nest has gone crazy

Any help massively appreciated!So my brother installed our Nest thermostat about 6 months ago and everything worked fine. Controls our hot water, great, heating, great!3 months ago we had builders come into the house and renovated a lot of it. Basica...

sjb333 by Community Member
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Auto temperature set?

I’m totally new to Nest, which is a condo I am renting. When I leave for a week, and return, the temp is always back on 70. Why and how do I change that? Thanks.

dukeuser by Community Member
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Faulty heatlink?

I wanted to change my nest connectivity from on/off to opentherm (my burner accepts opentherm). Connected all the wires correctly, but got H73; no opentherm found. Now, even when I unplug the power supply of the heatlink, but leave OT1 and OT2 connec...

App not working

The app is no longer working. All I see is the Home/away page. I can't get into settings any more.

Sueg7 by Community Member
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