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Nest Thermostats

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Nest themostat

My nest thermostat won’t connect to my wi-fi. Already went through all the troubleshooting steps and no luck. Please help.@google.

Huerta829 by Community Member
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outer ring not working

I have hard reset my Nest as it has been offline for . It will not scroll through the menu. Ring does not work. Can select by pushing and turning will not select anything

River by Community Member
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No power to nest

 this is my wiring on my existing thermostat for a gas fireplace I’m trying to hook up a learning nest to it but I’m getting an error saying there is t power to the RI checked breakers, wire etc. now i have no clue what to do.

Gmrd by Community Member
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Reset app

I have a Nest learnable thermostat, I have been resisting switching to google but this week I was forced. Now I can’t connect my thermostat to the app because thermostat says it’s already connected to an app. What should I do to fix this issue that g...

Nest thermostat

My thermostat hasC,Y,R,O/B,G, EAux wires. Nest hasY,C,W,G,R,O/B connectors. How do I connect wires?

fzebedis by Community Member
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Thermostat switches off

I noticed my 3rd gen thermostat was offline. That's when I realised the thermostat is switched off. I detached the thermostat and connected to a mini usb. The thermostat booted and after a few seconds displayed the message to connect to the base agai...

Kvenkat by Community Member
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Google Nest hot water heating timer

You can only set the On/Offs schedule for Hot Water on the Hour and half hour.You can select any time in the setting and when you save it goes to the nearest half hour!I see no logic for this. I thought it would be made more flexible but it hasn't ch...

John_ by Community Member
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