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Password recovery verification vide not received

Hi thereI have been trying to reset my NEST password as I seem not to remember my old one (it used to be saved but seems to not anymore). Anyway, I can request a new password, receive an email, can set the new password, but do not receive the verific...

YP by Community Member
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Thermostat vs Radiator Valve

I have never lived in a house which had a thermostat to control the heating.Soon we are moving to a house which has a thermostat to regulate the temperature in the house.But I don't understand that if you can control the temperature via a thermostat,...

itsthomas by Community Member
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Nest 3rd Gen Disconnects when more then 4 metres away

Hello,I have a Nest 3rd Generation thermostat and it normally sits in the hallway but it disconnected from the heat link which is upstairs in a cupboard in the bathroom. However, it would not connect so I went through all the reset options and the on...

jwekemp by Community Member
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Nest app temp glows orange in Heat

I just turned the heat on with my new nest thermostat and the heat is not working and the temp on my phone app is glowing orange with usage bars for the entire past couple of days. It is connected to WiFi because the a/c will come on when I change it...

CEG1 by Community Member
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My nest thermost works on ac but when i switch it to heat it will start and then shut off for about 5 min and will not stay running at all but when i put it back on to ac works great please HELP i payed alot for this thing and i have problems walking...

TRANE TCONT802AS32DAA conversion to Nest

How do I migrate wiring over to Nest? I am a newb to all of this… This is where I started on TRANE TCONT802AS32DAA: this is where I am; nothing is working; none of my wires seem to be detected on Nest. Receiving a e298 error. Thinking my wires are in...

07C0AD63-0FC6-465D-A6E7-E2B74F3A3130.jpeg 2B54F716-5797-4204-BC9A-62C2896F292F.jpeg
djj413 by Community Member
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Stage 1 Cooling not working

 Hi: I have a Nest E with conventional 1 stage heat and 2 stage cooling and my stage 1 cooling does not seem to kick on. The fan runs but the air does not seem to get colder. Second stage cooling definitely works when I tested it as does the fan. Att...

0505FFA1-677C-46DE-8076-EF1D414FCE4B.jpeg 544EDFF0-9F48-48C3-AD37-B175453DB2E0.jpeg
Skindocta by Community Member
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C wire connected not working

HiI have connected all of the wires to the nest thermostat. When I put the top on and start the nest I get an error e79. The c wire is connected correctly so I am not sure what to do at this point. If I use the g wire as the power connection then I a...

Sharon3 by Community Member
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