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Nest Learning OFFLINE

I recently installed a Nest thermostat and doorbell in my home in NY. This is not my primary residence and did this to control the heat for my tenant. Now this thermostat has been offline for almost 8 hours and I keep reading that I have to be at the...

Google Nest will not connect to wifi

My Google Nest sets up successfully but will not connect to my internet. I've tried multiple help sections addressing connection issues, none successful. This is a reconnect issue. The original installation went smoothly. After some home repair in wh...

DocJ by Community Member
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Cannot get a new code from my 3rd Generation thermostat

My 3rd Gen downstairs thermostat will not reconnect to the iOS app. Tried all options including resetting all settings (which I regret) but I'm still not able to get a new code to reconnect it to the app. The upstairs device reconnected flawlessly bu...

MrsBW by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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My thermostat won’t connect to Wi-Fi

I’m on my second nest thermostat in 4 years. It works great for about a year at 300.00 then just won’t connect to the Wi-Fi. Which now it’s just a normal thermostat you can buy for 20 bucks I’ve done everything support has to offer. Anyone figured ou...

Herewego by Community Member
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WIFI Entry Key

I cannot locate the wifi entry key. I've touched the thermostat screen but no menu appears. I'm frustrated at this point.

afoster26 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Switching off wifi

I’m switching off the WiFi in my house and wanted to know if nest would continue working for n this circumstance?im moving house and converting the house into a buy to let and won’t need wifi for anything else l, but now worried that the heating sche...

Tam10 by Community Member
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