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Settings incomplete on Nest Hub

Hi thereI have just bought the Google nest hub second generation but when I go into settings it seems there are many settings missing including the sleep sense calibration. Please can you advise if I’m missing anything??

ZanderHB by Community Member
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Google Home Hub

We moved from Florida and now want to install our Google here with wifi plugs, switches and such.I cannot get the old WIFI adress deleted or change it please hep. I have reset the unit but it did not remove the wifi address

Heat Pump Back-up Electric Heat Lock Out

Is there a setting in the thermostat for the maximum ambient temperature that the thermostat would energize the electric back-up heat in my heat pump? I was told by our HVAC guy that competing thermostats do provide this setting (e.g. in his house). ...

Google nest hub turning on at night

I have my Google nest hub in my bedroom set to turn the screen off during low light, and low light activation to start when the room is dim. Minimum brightness is set to dark.When I go to sleep the display is off. In the middle of the night, if I mov...


My free trial ended and how do I purchase a subscription?i signed into Google home and now what? If I choose Nest aware there is no subscription available

Google Nest will not connect to Wi-Fi

I have been trying for months to get a replacement thermostat as mine will not connect to wifi. I have sent and responded to several emails but the threads just keep getting closed out. Please someone help! Is there a number I can call? case number 9...

ecdavis3 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

I have measured 24 vac right on the thermostat between the R terminal and the C terminal yet I keep getting an E 297 error. What is wrong?

James3 by Community Member
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