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Nest aware recording intermittent.

So I have a strange issue. I have a camera on my parking area and a camera facing the front of the house. The camera on the front of the house for some reason every now and then does not record the event. The camera in the parking area does not have ...

Nest online - white window blocking access to cameras

I'm trying to view the cameras on my laptop however regardless of the browser or computer I use there's a white window blocking access to the cameras. I've tried hitting the Enter and Escape keys along with others but nothing gets the screen removed ...

meela5528 by Community Member
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Can’t save new clips

I used to be able to save new clips to my phone no problem. For the last couple of weeks when I try I keep getting “something went wrong” my subscription is about to come due and if I can’t easily save th clips I want there is no need for me to renew...

LilJ by Community Member
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Updating payment method

It shouldn't be this hard to freaking figure out how to pay you people!! We need to update our card and there no **bleep** way to do it. Please get that figured out before you make a new product. Fix the stuff you have first. Thanks

Nest Aware.

When I touch « confirm the purchase » I have always the error message: [OR-IEH-01].After many months I can’t get « Nest Aware ». The Google’s support service can’t help me.What can I do to solve this problem ?thanksPierre

Arthos by Community Member
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Google nest mini cable

I need a new nest mini cable and to my amazement Google don't do them!! They also seem not to know what size adapter it desk said 3mm and 1.5mm and neither fit. Can anyone help??

ultimutts by Community Member
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Nest Hello - Familiar Face detection not working

I have a guest with over 500 captured photos but is given the correct name maybe 1 out of 10 times they come to the door. It has over 80 of me but like never shows the person as me and almost always as unknown and doesn't add the unknown photo so I c...

Tanquen by Community Member
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