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Cameras not working

Since u people won't let me use the nest app any more. I'm not getting any thing from my cameras. When I try the home app it says I'm with nest when I try nest it say my cameras are linked to another please tell me how to fix this and I wo...

refund for google nest

I cant contact Google to get any help so I have cancelled my subscription, right after being charged $60.00. I need a refund. I am not going to use a company that you cannot get a hold of this is crap.

mmetz by Community Member
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I’m past 30 day trial

I’m interested in playing any of the 3 hour video history that I now see since I did not renew … yet!is it possible to play them or do they just appear as “photos”.can I just pay for a subscription to just pay the 3 hours of videos?

Mikeabo61 by Community Member
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SOLVED - Upgrade to Nest Aware Plus

In an effort to help others, I'm posting this solution.I spent hours trying to figure out how to upgrade from trial Nest Aware basic to Nest Aware Plus. 90% of the replies here are a regurgitation of the following link:

Alarm sometimes will not turn off after 10 minutes

According to the research I did on Google support, a nest alarm, which is set for every day at 12:45, should turn itself off after 10 minutes if I am not here to “stop” it. Most days it works. Occasionally, I come home 30 or 40 minutes after the alar...

JoyceTX by Community Member
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Playback not working

Cannot view any recorded videos on my Nest app, or Google Home, from my Nest indoor camera. What do I do

Fernz by Community Member
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Address Verification

I live in a newly built house and cannot get Nest Aware to verify my address. How can I update my address with Google? I’ve seen other posts but not a clear solution posted.