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Nest Heat Link No Lights

Hi,My Nest Heat Link has suddenly stopped working, and the thermostat displays error code H71, despite it having worked fine for over a year. Ive followed the initial steps on the thermostat to attempt to reconnect but not worked.When I’ve gone to ch...

HW123 by Community Member
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My heat link has suddenly died

Hii have had my boiler for about 18 months and the heat link has decided to stop working!there are no lights on it at all and it won’t connect to my nest thermostat.I still have hot water but I can’t turn on my heating? I have tried all of the sugges...

Limc1981 by Community Member
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Temperature slow to get to desired

Help! Too hot and Takes way to long to get to desired temp to cool off house. An electrician inspected for county and said it didn’t take long for him to switch back to his old thermostat

Knox by Community Member
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Not able to access my nest device

I posted the following message more than a week ago:“I need support to unlock my Nest thermostat. I forgot my PIN. I also switched internet providers, so not able to access the Thermostat from my app. I read a previous thread and able to connect the ...

How to solve 429 error

According to the official document, I tried to increase the user and rate limit by applying for commercial development, but I did not receive any emails from google agreeing or rejecting the application. What should I do?

KK3 by Community Member
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Thermostat “Online” — NestApp “Offline”

Google voice commands no longer control Nest Pro Third GEN thermostat. Keep receiving message from Google speaker, “I’m sorry, it looks like that thermostat hasn’t been set up yet. You can do that in Assistant Settings”. I tried to “Add Device” but t...