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Cameras and Doorbells

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Locked out of newly purchased house

I just bought a house that has Nest locks. The previous owner gave me the code to get in and it was great. Then his wifi shut off before I transferred the system and I can't get in! Any way to get the lock open without breaking it?

Lvbh by Community Member
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Nest Battery Doorbell

Hi, I have just purchased a Nest Battery Door bell and I have it sync’d to Next home hun (2nd generation). I am struggling to get the hub to sound a chime to alert us someone is at the door. I have reset the bell and switch chime on but as soon as I ...

Park71 by Community Member
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Camera wont download updates

Nest outdoor floodlight camera will not download updates, stays on zero, when reseting the camera wil go through the motion green light comes on but downloading update stays on zero. Had same issues with doorbell. All other cameras on account are fin...

Live video on battery doorbell

I see many posts on this but no definitive answer. Is there a fix or does the doorbell need to be replaced. My system worked fine for 2 weeks after in stall. 1 battery doorbell that is hardwired and 4 cameras. The problem now is my doorbell will not ...

Poole by Community Member
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Resolved! Outdoor camera videos

I have an outdoor camera I want to link to my nest app. I need the number on the back of the camera but the camera is installed is there another way I can get this number pkeasethanks

Jane5 by Community Member
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Camera schedule when set to home

I have several cameras around the home, I can’t find a way to automatically turn on/off these cameras when set to home. This should be a basic feature. Is there a work around?

Tony821 by Community Member
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Can I use nest aware in two locations

I have two houses in different states. I have a subscription to Nest Aware in the original place I installed the 1st camera. It worked so well I decided to get another one for my other place. Can I use the same nest aware subscription for both locati...

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