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Phone automatically sensing I'm in a specific "home"

Ok so I have a home network , and a seperate network that I have set up at work . I'm wondering if there is a way for my phone to automatically sense that I am home and do things there or if I am at work and do things there ( by things im thinking ac...

Aly316 by Community Member
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sound detection not available in Canada?

Hi, I have nest aware subscription here in Canada. But we don't get all the features in the US but pay the same price. Anyone know when we will get sound detection in Canada?

Kashguy by Community Member
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Resolved! Custom Routines

When I set up a custom routine it plays music at the end of the routine. I don’t see any where in the routine why it would do that. How do I get it to stop. thanks

sbellair by Community Member
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How do I disable voice feedback on google home?

Whenever i ask my google home mini to turn off the lights, it responds with “ok, turning off the lights”, and if one of the lights is unavailable (switched off manually), then google home talks for literally a minute about how lights are unavailable,...

Akobski by Community Member
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There was a glitch

Around the start of the month all speakers began to act up. You ask a request or question or anything and the first time the speaker will respond "Hmmm there was a glitch, try again in a few seconds" then you try after it stops talking and works perf...

Resolved! Lights randomly turn on, kinda creepy

So, we have 36 lights controlled by our Google Home. They are all connected via the Smart Life app which has better color options. We randomly will have a light come on all by itself. It's kinda creepy when it happens at night. You wake up in the mid...

jon1 by Community Member
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Lights not recognized when Grouped in room

When asking Google home to turn off the bedroom, which has two lights in it, it only turns off one and then says the other is not available. Immediately after I can ask for that "unavailable" light to turn off and it does. Have checked my routines an...