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Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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google home mini all 4 lights on

Hi, when I plug in my google home mini, all 4 LEDs are on, and the device seems stuck and not doing anything. My google home app shows the device is not found. I found in google that some users have the same issue and it could be the file system corr...

Why don't speaker groups work properly?

Hello. I've just asked a Nest Hub Max to play a track on an established speaker group. Here are the first twelve responses:‘OK, (name of track). You can play that on (names some but not all of the individual speakers in the group)’no command response...

dpd by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini snoozes on its own.

My 2nd generation nest hub will snooze the alarm on its own. Its like it sense my gesture yet I am laying very still. Happens every time. Also it stops playing music on its own even if I'm not in the room.

bajaboatn by Community Member
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Connecting Google Home mini to iPhone's hotspot

I can connect a Google Home mini to my iPhone's hotspot, and it works fine. The issue I am facing is that, when I power-cycle the Google Home device, it doesn't automatically reconnect. Instead, it informs me that it cannot connect to the WiFi and pr...

doncarlos by Community Member
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Google nest not completing set up

I have two google nest devices in my home. Both of them stopped working. When I restarted them and attempted to add them as new devices it wouldn't finish configuring. On the nest it says that to I need to finish set up on my device. I pressed the bl...

Jess533 by Community Member
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I can't find the WiFi network

Hello. The latest issue in my increasingly disappointing nest experience is that speakers respond to voice commands with 'I can't find the WiFi network' or 'I can't reach the internet right now'. It randomly and inconsistently affects both 1st genera...

dpd by Community Member
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