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Next appointment not found

Hi TeamI added all my appointments to google calender. I most often have appointments which I plan for the whole day.For example I have an appointment (whole day event) on Monday. And an appointment on Friday from 15-16 o clock.When I ask my Google N...

Mecki by Community Member
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There was something wrong nest hub white screen

Since august 2021, my nest hub v1 got stuck into a loop: spinning wheel, when restarting same, after hard reboot same issue...Factory reset did not solve the issue either, i managed to go throug the setup till the last step, "configuring" which alway...

Kevinbcn by Community Member
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Google Assistant transfer command new problem

I have been using the 'Transfer' command to move the radio station I am listening to from one Google mini to another and it worked fine until a couple of days ago. But since then when I say (or activate via a routine') on say my bedroom speaker 'Tran...

PeterW by Community Member
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Fuchsia killed casting

What is this closing of topics with "I haven't heard anything so I close this topic"??There's no update because nothing happened with solving this issue.I got 4 hubs rendered useless, I used them with cast with an interface, but now it stops after a ...

Google home

When I go on the Google home app to check what time I set the alarm for on a device, the alarm time is not there I can only adjust the volume, Has this function been removed?

Steve1979 by Community Member
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Nest Max Hub

No matter what I do I cannot reconnect the Nest Max Hub and I cannot find proper instructions to get it working and no one to contact.

lldedic by Community Member
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Google Home Max Stereo Pair Cast Issues

My Nest Hub accepts Bluetooth signal from my desktop and plays music. Until recently, I was able to cast from the Hub to an All Speakers group which includes a paired stereo set of Max speakers. This was a stable arrangement that was very reliable fo...

New wifi unable to connect to speakers

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Having recently got a new router I can not connect my Google speakers to it. All the Google advice says to reset WiFi via Google home but that is not available as an option. What should I do?Having recently got a new router...

TH77 by Community Member
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Launching YouTube TV on Google Nest Hub

Until this morning, I was able to ask the hub "What's on TV?" and it would respond by showing the live TV listings in YouTube TV. As of this morning, the response to that command is, "I don't know, but I found these results on Search" and presents a ...

Briantoo by Community Member
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