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sleep sensing

Sleep Sensing on the Google Nest Hub 2 continues to report my time sleeping far less than the time I actually slept.On numerous occasions it states that I have slept only 2-2.5 hours after spending 8-9 hours in bed in what I thought was a good sleep ...

jim7 by Community Member
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Problem with support

Hello there,I got it as a gift from US but when I try to connect with Google Home app it says the device is not supported,I am leaving to EU how to fix it, please ?

Viewing camera and playing music

Hi - can you tell me how I can view my front door camera and listen to music at the same time on my Google Nest please? I don't need the audio on for my front door camera so how do I override that with You Tube music? Thanks

Sunrise Alarm not working

Hey everyone,I currently have difficulty getting my Philips Hue lights to brighten 30 minutes before my alarm. I have used the command 'Turn on Gentle Wake up'. I have also tried to switch off gentle wake up and back on again. Any help? Thanks

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