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Google Home App

Hi Google, Can you give me access to the Google Home App beta? I would like to view my cameras on a PC. We have homes set up in 3 different locations with multiple cameras per location and it is difficult to monitor the cameras on my phone. Specifica...

Google assistant keeps taking my requests all wrong.

Hey all. Is there a way to fix this?I ask my google assistant the very simple request of "play ordinary world by Hyde" it writes exactly that on the screen and then google's voice says "playing ordinary world by Morgan Cucurullo" or sometimes another...

Akane1412 by Community Member
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Google Home - Public Preview - Request

Hey guys, I really do appericate the Public Preview acceptance, I have a request about a feature; With the option now to have Favorites I noticed everything listed in here is grouped by room/location name in alphabetical order, with your favorited de...

Nervsmods by Community Member
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No option to join Public Preview on Google Home App

I'd like to join the public preview on the Google Home app. But when I look under the "General" section of the "Settings" tab, I do not see the option to join the public preview. I've checked to make sure I have the latest version of the app -- I do....

boferguson by Community Member
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Nest doorbell chimes option missing

Hello,I’m trying to change the chime theme on my nest doorbell and the option is gone. I had changed it about a month ago to the Thanksgiving theme but now there is no option to change back. Any suggestions?

I need a definitive answer on Google nest W i-fi

I want to stabilize my wi-fi in my basement. It's weak.I have a Ethernet cable connection ready.Can I get a 2nd Google nest router and hard wire it to the Ethernet (which is connected to my main Google router and thereby boost my wi-fi.I see 'yes you...