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Nest are offline

Hi,We woke up this morning to having had the power flicker several times over night due to Ian. Our mesh systems are not connecting anymore. Our main modem has internet but they all show offline on the app. Ive tried unplugging, restarting and tesing...

Mix and match

I'm thinking of upgrading my wi-fi with the new nest solution. If I use the new nest router solution can I use the 1st Gen extenders?

kieronm by Community Member
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Google wifi issues

I've recently changed a setting on my modem and no longer have an internet connection to my Google Wifi point... All I did was restart the modem

Resolved! OnHub after December

Hi, i just read that after December with my Onhub I will not be able to « add additional Wifi devices » . What does that mean ? If I get anew device after December and i enter the SSID and password, will it get an IP address, yes or no.Thanks

Lop by Community Member
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2nd wifi router for LAN acces

Hey all,Im new to this community and am not sure of this os already asked before. A quick search did not bring back any possitice results. At home k have a setup with 1 wifi mesh router with 1 additional point.The problem is that I need to get an add...

Nest Wifi errors connecting to some specific services

Hello,I have two Nest Wifi routers set up in my home network, configured as detailed in the support pages. The setup is(✓) Modem → Google Nest Wifi router → Switch → Google Nest Wifi routerEverything was working like a charm, until I recently started...

khoros11 by Community Member
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14150.376.32 firmware - connection drop outs

It's frustrating whenever google releases updates to its mesh devices, it brings a lot of issues and it won't be fixed immediately. 14150.376.32 update was installed silently onto all my devices(nest wifi and google wifi routers). I observed connecti...

sulaimana by Community Member
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Configure google wifi

HelloI just bought google wifi.I've watched your configuration and connection tutorial in French.The installation looks easy. I have a gmail account. I have downloaded the google home application.My question: can we connect the rj45 cable to my lan n...

Nest Wifi Teredo Network Error - Yellow Pulse

I humbly come here for help and support. I have a double nest router setup (one connected to an Arris SB8200 and one used as a node in the living room wired to my Xbox series x). About 1 month ago my living room node began pulsing yellow indicating a...