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Nest and Router Wifi SSID and Password Match

Hello:I just installed the Nest Wifi (Gen 2) with 3 nodes. When setting up the Nest Wifi, I set the SSID (Network name) and Password the same as my ATT Modem/Router Gateway so that I wouldn't have to reset any connection info for connected devices (T...

nashelson by Community Member
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Restarting Nest Wifi Pro

I regularly restart by modem and router to improve performance of both. Is there any difference in unplugging both at the same time, then plugging in modem and waiting for it to get online, then plugging in Nest compared to leaving the Nest plugged i...

808IUFan by Community Member
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Nest Wifi - Reverse DNS lookup not working

I use DHCPD on my Nest Router for managing my LAN subnet reservations / leases and a custom DNS server defined on my Nest Wi-fi network that i use for my own purposes.For normal resolution, everything works fine. The Nest Router forwards all forward ...

ShellDude by Community Member
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Google Nest Router (Gen 2)

Where is the serial number for the Gen 2 Nest Router? The web page that shows where the serial number is located for other devices doesn't list the Gen 2 Nest Router.

StephenS by Community Member
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Can't set custom LAN IP or DHCP range

I've tried to change my LAN IP address. Like a previous commenter, I can change the field values in the Advanced Networking / LAN Settings dialog, but when I hit save the values are not saved.I called support:Call 1: "Oh that takes 24 hours to take h...

awkawk by Community Member
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Need help in connecting to 2.4 frequency

Hello,I need help please. I understand that I can't separate 2.4 and 5GHz networks in nest wifi. It's not a big deal for the most part. Where the problem arises is this, I have a device (Rotimatic, bread making machine) that I need to connect with my...

lak601 by Community Member
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Using Google Hub and Point with Talktalk ISP Router

HI. I'm trying to set up a 2 device mesh with a Talktalk FAST5364 router as the 'modem'. I have read all kinds of advice but no 'complete' advice telling me how to set this up. The router has 5 LAN ports and a WAN port. I understand that the ideal th...