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Resolved! Notification on a specific device connection?

HiCan i recive a notification when a specific device connects to my wifi metwork? The first time it connect google send the notification, but i want a notification every time when they connect to the wifi. Thanks and sorry if my english is bad.

Jamiroo by Community Member
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Google WiFi model GJ2CQ

recently moved and have at&t fiber 500. The fiber box is downstairs across the house from where I want my PC. So purchased a hockey puck google wifi to use as mesh and it works great when it's plugged directly into the at&t router. However I don't li...

Sheppard5 by Community Member
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Testing IPv6 over Verizon Fios

Because I like pain, I enabled IPv6 on Fios in NYC over the weekend. So far, so good: expected speed (not degraded); very little packet loss (although I should compare to w/o IPv6):--- ping statistics ---3583 packets transmitted, 35...

Nest Wifi Disconnects

I keep having disconnect issues and I'm at my wits end.Everything looks fine in the home app but when trying to do anything on our devices (pixel phones, ipad, switch, roku) nothing loads and/or connects. There are no indications in the app that ther...

masonoli by Community Member
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Google home-wifi

My wifi information showed on my home app including password, devices, speed, etc. It is no longer showing up there. Where do I find that information?

Sham22 by Community Member
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google nest wifi point stuck in “Select your region” screen

My nest wifi router point said it did a reset and suggested I remove it from network. My network had been dropping off for no reason so I tried removing the point and adding back on. I got to “select your region” screen. When I select any country it ...

JakeVt by Community Member
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Is there a better workaround to connect to a 2.4ghz wifi yet?

I've read all the old posts about using an older device or moving way away from an access point to get a Samsung S21 phone to connect to 2.4 ghz, but was hoping google figured out a better solution by now. I have Arlo cameras that I've set up on my m...

Lance1 by Community Member
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Nest Pro firewall vulnerabilities & settings

I have a Nest Pro 6E network. It works fine but when I run a firewall test on using the Shields Up test it reveals that my firewall is vulnerable. The following are open:80 - "The web is so insecure these days that new security "exploits"...

Changing systems

How do I replace my google nest pro mesh system with a completely different mesh system?!just disconnect the router and node points?