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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Google Nest Router History Report of Offline Activity

My cable internet company is not providing me with good service lately.I would like to pull a history report from the past month to email them and show how my Nest Router has been offline for 10-15 mins multiple times a day over the past month.I can ...

JMcK by Community Member
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Resolved! Wi-Fi mesh access via Ethernet

I have the trio of Google wifi. Two of the access points are set up where my kids use the Ethernet connection to plug into their computers (because otherwise it is a terribly slow connection even though we have 400mbps). I want to be able to control ...

Resolved! Mesh Points & Backhaul

We have a rather large house and needed to install additional mesh Wifi points. (1st one acts as the Wifi Router, plus the other 6 act as Wifi Points)A couple of the points have a weak signal, and there isn’t a better location to move them to, so I’m...

Setting up smart devices and accessing 2.4ghz via mesh

Hello,I have a google mesh system and a pixel 5 and there doesn't appear to be anyway for me to change the frequency band on my pixel to set up a smart light. I have walked to the far ends of my property to try and force the move to 2.4 but it stays ...

Getting message wrong QR code when trying to set up.

Everytime I go to setup my Google wifi , I get to the point where it asked to scan the QR code. I scan it and it states wrong QR code. I then manually put it in and it does not read it. What to do now? Is there a person I can talk to?

Resolved! Google Nest - unable to complete setup of access point

Hi,Coming from a Google wifi setup I now made the switch to Nest.Router & 3 Google wifi points are up and running.However, I can’t complete the setup of the 1 Nest point I have.Home app connects to it but the final stage of the setup gives a time out...

Problems with hardwired Nest router(s)

I have the following wired setup: Modem->Nest router(a)->TP switch->Nest router(b)->UBNT Edge SwitchIn addition, I have 1 Nest router and 1 Google WIFI which are wireless.After a while, the Nest Router marked (b) drops out and the UBNT switch then lo...

Gladmann by Community Member
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Meshing two WiFi 3 packs

Hello, I purchased two 3-packs of Google WiFi (Model: ‎GA02430-LA) but I can only get one pack going, I've tried connecting the other even by connecting it to the ethernet as well, and then using the Google Home App (Using iOS) to expand the mesh bey...

santcm by Community Member
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Nest WiFi points go offline randomly

my mesh is one router and two points. randomly, only my points are going offline. Router stays OK and connected to Internet.sometimes just one point offline, others bot points at the same time. only solution is to power cycle each offfline point.

PKEgcomm by Community Member
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