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Updates on Nest Protect and pending Scottish legislation changes

Hey everyone, I appreciate everyone’s patience as they’ve shared their feedback and questions regarding the pending Scottish legislation changes. We’re aware of the proposed legislation changes to the fire and smoke alarm standard in Scotland requiri...

RachelC by Googler
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Nest protect

How to add my nest protects to the nest app after they’ve been installed.

Dmt09 by Community Member
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Nest protect for the Google home app

I just set up a nest indoor/outdoor camera. It demanded I migrate to a Google account from nest. The Google home app is nice but it won’t let me port over my nest protect. I think Google products should work with Google software.

ChrisDzak by Community Member
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Resolved! How do I sdd Nest Protect to my Google Home app?

So I've migrated to Google Home from nest due to wwn being disabled soon. At the time of the migration, i didn't realize that my Nest protect was offline and didn't get added. How do i retroactively add my protect to Google Home?

AmynB by Community Member
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Resolved! Fire Drill using Nest

I want to manually activate the Google Nest Fire Alarm to do a fire drill with my children but I can't find a way? Is this possible?

Fraser42 by Community Member
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Replacement parts Protect

Hello Google,I just bought a pair of Nest Protects at Costco. Before I could get them mounted I had a miscommunication with my partner and the boxes got thrown away with all the hardware still in them. Is there a way for me to get replacement parts s...

Nest protect V2 does not install

I recently bought 4 nest protect V2's, 3 have been installed perfectly.When installing the 4th it went wrong: After removing the plastic pin to activate the device, it instantly made short beeping sounds every +/- 10 sec. I did not receive the standa...

Nick01 by Community Member
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Placement of Nest and CO detection

Where should I place the Nest Protect for a utility room with a gas water heater and gas furnace? This room is usually closed off by a door and has two tiny non-functioning windows. Knowing that CO is heavier than air, my concern is if I place it in ...