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can’t update new Wi-Fi mesh to conect

I’m following instructions on the site but it simply doesn’t work. Nest app to settings to nest connect to restart - just gives error can not connect. What’s is wrong?

BAH by Community Member
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Missing setting icon on Yale Digital door Lock

Hey Yale digital lock is working fine through the nest app and manually at the door screen! The only thing missing is the setting icon on the door Yale digital screen! For some reason it is missing and I can’t reset my pin code! Please advise

Ish by Community Member
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Tags for Nest Guard

Hi, hope that somebody can help. The tags for Nest Guard are connected to an account. Now, when I deleted this account and try to connect the tag to the new account it is saying that it is connected to an other account. Since I cannot use this accoun...

Audey by Community Member
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Door position detection

Does the Yale Lock not have door position detection? I have auto lock on x1 Min, and j left the door open to carry items inside. I then noticed it auto locks while still open which could be bad if I slam the door closed while the deadbolt is out.

Bpostel11 by Community Member
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Nest x yale lock draining batteries

My Nest Yale lock worked great for 2-3 years but suddenly the batteries are needing to be replaced every three to five days!! It is draining the battery and something is defective. What is going on here? This seems like a recall issue! Why hasn’t Goo...

Allow a user passcode only on one of Multiple Yale Locks in a home.

Hello,To start I will like to say that I have used Yale locks at multiple locations and they have been amazing. I do Airbnb here and there and have a couple of multi-unit homes. I like to keep the locks under the same account. This makes managing the...

dannyztar by Community Member
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