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Nest Yale lock offline

On Sunday my Yale lock just randomly dropped offline. I have tried all troubleshooting with no luck. I have the Connect device about 3 feet away and have verrified it's connection to the WiFi. All of my WiFi devices are Google or Nest devices. ANy id...

MRBTE by Community Member
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Nest Yale lock offline

My nest take lock suddenly went offline. I followed all the troubleshooting and it reconnected for a few hours then went offline again. Please help.

Annie3 by Community Member
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All Yale locks are offline

I have FOUR Yale locks that all went offline more than a week ago. I saw others having this issue, but they came back online for them. None have for me. I’ve reset one and that didn’t work so I’m not going to waste my time with the others.

Nest Guard offline

My nest guard went offline couple days ago and I cannot reconnect it. I tried every possible thing including factory reset and stuff like that. I removed it from my account reset it to factory settings and try to add it again. Problem pops up during ...

Mkiecka by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Guard keeps going offline

My Nest Guard keeps going offline. When I restart pressing and holding the 5 key, it goes back online for a couple of hours, and then goes back offline. I assume this is associated with the message we received about the Hub Max update, but I tried to...

andreaalu by Community Member
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Resolved! Lock disconnected last night

I installed my Yale lock last night. I had some issues connecting to the internet due to my Nest Hub Max being on another WiFi signal. Once I corrected that, I was able to connect the Yale lock to my Nest account and WiFi. Around 9:30 pm, I received ...

bradd by Community Member
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No Cell Backup

My NEST App and keypad are displaying No Cell Backup and are yellow. I called BRINKS and Google and both blame each other. I see other posts but no fixes. Anyone make any progress with this issue?

Resolved! Nest × Yale Lock-1.1 Offline

I have had this lock installed for a few years with zero issues. It suddenly went offline a few days ago. I can't seem to get it back online. The Nest Connect device has a good wifi connection and tests good. The lock itself works. I removed batterie...

not4u13 by Community Member
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nest yale lock not connecting to nest connect

When white button is pressed all i get is three beeps and no blue light. I have reset to factory , removed and reinstalled nest connect. Light is green on nest connect. This was working just fine until i removed lock to do some door repair and had it...

myred53 by Community Member
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Nest Guard suddenly dead

Hi - Nest Guard showed offline and not connected to power on app. Tried plugging it into different outlets and it will not restart. Anything I can do?

Rtsal by Community Member
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