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App freezing

Having issues connecting a new device. I go through the steps. Then when it goes to connect to another nest device to connect to the wifi system, it will freeze the app after 8 or 10 seconds. The wifi system is a nest system as well and functioning.

Dizzle by Community Member
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Nest detect offline - remote fix?

I am away from my house and nest secure is reporting one of the nest detect door units is offline. Is there a way to remotely reconnect/reset it? I’m not there to hold it’s button down for 10 seconds. Failing that, is there a way to turn off the ince...

Factory Reset on Nest Guard

We just bought a house with a nest guard and I’m having a hard time setting it up. I reset it by holding down the number 5 until it turned blue and said “hello”. When I use the app to try to set it up and find the device it says I have to return the ...

Flood Sensor - New Product

Please develop a flood sensor. This product will add to the list of security products currently available. Flood sensors will help notify customers whether they have a potential flood and customers can feel relieved that nest/google has invented a pr...

gu_amit by Community Member
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Enabling Nest Secure with Routines not possible

Hello everyone,I have noticed that it is not possible with Google Routines to turn on the alarm (Nest Secure). Not on "Home and Guarding", and also not on "Away and guarding". This, while the option does show up when you go to create a Routine.Do mor...

robbert by Community Member
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Yale Lock Icon Missing

I installed a new Yale lock and connected it with the Nest app. When I went to add another user to the app, the lock icon disappears. I am unable to lock or unlock the door from the app without the icon.

Neat Yale Lock won’t Connect

I just moved into a house that has nest connect and nest Yale locks. I can connect the nest connect but the nest take lock will not connect. I changed the batteries on the lock. And I need help. I noticed many comments here have no responses.

BTConway by Community Member
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Nest Guard Won’t Connect to WiFi

Several days ago my Nest Guard went ‘offline’, could still use as a basic alarm but could not control via the Nest App or get any notifications. I followed the troubleshooting steps online, including a factory reset and underlying issue seems to be i...

BRT_777 by Community Member
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