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Change TV channels by their name

Community Member

Hi there from Spain.

I have linked my Nest with the LG TV successfully. Everything works fine, but I can’t figure out how to change the channels by their name instead of the channel number.

Is it possible in spanish language?

I thought I could make a routine, but I guess I should make one for each channel, and one for each TV (I have four at home)… not the best solution!

Any guidance or help would be much appreciated! Gracias.


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It depends how your're getting your TV channel. If your are using Satelight Box with seperate IR remote, you need IR controller device.

Google home/Nest does not have any sensors.

For my A/C & other home appliencs i use a universal IR remote made by Tuya. Its connected to Google nest mini.

When i command Nest mini to turn on the A/C or change the temparature, it does that using that IR remote device.

Without any physical sensor/device, nest mini can only control devices which comes with "Google assistant" support logo. Check it.

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Thanks for responding. I already have linked the kitchen TV (LG) with Nest. And it works fine, I can change channels by calling their number: “OK Google, change to channel 5 on the kitchen TV”. But I want instead to call them by their “official name” (or a customized one, if possible): “OK Google, change to channel ‘Tele5’ on the kitchen TV”… and that doesn’t work.

I have too 4 Tuya’s IR/RF receivers (one for each room)… Right now, I made it work by creating a few scenes in the Smart Life App (just 3 channels, for testing purposes), and then making the respectives routines in GH to execute the SLA scenes, and it does it smoothly… BUT, 20+ scenes and 20+ routines for just one TV, and I have four, so it makes almost a total of 90 scenes plus the same number of routines… boy, way too much!

And since the channels numbers (and thus, their names) are all the same in each TV, I wish there could be a way to just create it once for a TV, and then “reuse” it somehow (in VBA, i.e., you have the ‘Application.Caller’ command that tells you who/what called the code…). Maybe there is a way by creating a custom list (or something similar) with the channels numbers and their names.

To resume (and see if it sounds more familiar to you), I want to know the easiest/proper way of changing a channel like this: “Ok Google, change to ‘ABC News’ (channel) on kitchen TV” 🤔😉

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Ferjo,


Thanks for reaching out! Being able to change the channel on your TV using their specific name is not supported on the Google Nest devices. I understand that this feature would be very useful and with that, we’d like to encourage you to send a feedback regarding this and for any features that you’re looking forward to using with our Google Nest devices.


By the way, I appreciate @Dr-Tanzil for helping here.


Feel free to respond to this if you have additional questions, otherwise we'll be locking this thread in 24 hours.