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Nest Hub Display - Brightness Settings

Community Member

The Nest Hub without a cam is limited and its auto brightness feature is counter intuitive.

The Hub should be brighter in the dark, not darker...

The Hub is missing a few key features:

1) a Setting that "Turns Off Ambient Mode"

2) a Setting that gives the User full control of the display brightness.


Community Member

The hub should be darker in the dark, you ever woken up in the middle of the night and looked at your phone at full brightness, it blinds you.  You dim your phone at night to avoid being blinded, same idea.


You also can get full control of the brightness though that's in the home app on your phone there's a slider in the settings for dim/brighter, use that.

Community Member

Thank you for sharing. I appreciate the auto dimming feature in the Nest Hub, however there are times auto diming should be disabled. 

For example: When the Hub is used as a Clock on 24/7 basis. 

Allow the User to fully control the display's brightness. If you prefer auto-dimming or Ambient mode -turn it on, if not - allow the User to turn it off.

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