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Google home fail to link philips hue

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For some time now I've had a problem with Google home: my philips hue lights no longer work.
This prompted me to unlink / link my Philips hue account. Unfortunately, since then I've been unable to connect it, and I keep getting the same error: "could not reach philips hue".
I've since tried everything I could find on the internet (reboot the bridge, my internet, my phone, create a new hue account, "clean up" in the hue app, uninstall google home, from another phone, ...)
Note that everything works from the Philips hue app. But I can no longer control my lights by voice.
Someone have an idea, I do not know what to do!
Thanks a lot!

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I was finally able to find a solution that wasn't ideal, but functional.
From my old phone it didn't work, but from my wife's phone it did.
I don't know if it's because the Google account isn't the same, but it works with the same Hue account.

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I finally got this work work again by unlinking Hue in the Google Home app. Opening the Hue app then going to Settings-->Support and touching the Reset App then signing back in the the Hue App and linking back through the Google Home app.

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My issue ended up being due to my wifi routers DHCP server spanning multiple subnets. Once restricted the range to the same /24 subnet I was able to detect and reconnect Hue to Google home. 

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i just recently experienced this same issue where google home said all my phillips hue devices were unreachable and i unlinked accounts and was unable to re-link phillips hue. my fix was logging into the phillips hue website > click on the profile picture in the top right > my phillips hue system > and then deleting google from the apps that it was connected to. i went back to relink it and it finally worked.

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Use Alexa, that’s the way I’m going as Google is now about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. They are succeeding in losing customers 

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Found on another thread. Delink account then Unplug bridge from power for 10 secs, relink through google home app

Google home just say can´t reach Philips Hue. Iam getting so frustrated with this


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I had this same problem. I realized it was because I have VPN on my phone where I was trying to to connect. Once I turned it off I was able to connect.

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Same ptoblem. Could solve it in the past but was not able to fix it anymore. The best fix for me was to go to Lidl and buy some smart lights there. You get 3 for the price of 1 hue and they work like a charm. Connecting in 2-3 seconds and never had a problem since. My hue lights I can only control via the app now. Only thing is that the colors are not as nice as the hue ones

Solved after months, go to philips hue online and remove all attached accounts. Then go on your phone to settings then apps, find Google home app and clear data. Restart your phone and then add your philips hue lights.

I tried matter but this works better