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My Boomer Dad is Haunting my Google Home

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The issue: My dad is now turning my lights off and on when he controls the lamps at his lake house 300 miles away. *facepalm*.

On the one hand, this is hilarious. On the other, it's annoying because Dad is a night owl, whereas my husband and I go to bed early. It's as if my boomer dad is haunting my house while still very much alive and enjoying his time at the lake. 

What had happened was:

This weekend, I set up my parents' lake house smart devices after we switched their wifi provider. This meant re-networking some of their Google Home devices, including a Google Mini that I ended up factory rebooting and re-adding it to their Google Home.  

We drove back to Houston, feeling proud of ourselves for being good millennial adult children who patiently set up my parents' smart home devices. However, we didn't sleep easily, because after midnight, all our lamps turned on (I later discovered because my dad was walking around his lake house "turning on all the lamps" ... to which he was surprised when Google Mini responded saying "Okay, turning on Laura's Lamp"). 

Some background: in the Google Home app, I am a manager of two Google Homes -- my own, and my parents' lake house. The houses are named separately, and I can easily toggle between them in the app. I've added devices in both houses before, and never had an issue with crossover. However, now that I factory reset my dad's lake house Google Mini, he can control my lights.

Did I accidentally grant permissions during set up to do this because I set it up with my phone? If I factory reboot and set up that mini again (this time using my dad's phone), will the problem resolve? 

Thanks! I love my dad and this is funny, but I'd like to exorcise him from my Google Home commands. Can you help me?





Community Member

to clarify: he is not a user on my home, and I have never added him to my home.