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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Nest Community Members, 

Since launch, many of our long-time Nest customers have provided valuable feedback on our new Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Doorbell (battery) devices -- particularly on the transition to the Google Home app experience. We hear you, and we’re taking your feedback to heart. In this post, I want to share more about our commitments to you going forward. 


The transition to the Google Home app

Our new cameras, including the upcoming Nest Cam (indoor, wired) and Nest Cam with floodlight, were made specifically for the Google Home app. Unlike the Nest app, the Google Home app was built to accommodate both battery and wired products, event-based and 24/7 continuous video history, while giving you a whole home view and history of your camera and doorbell feeds across all Nest cameras. You can check out the recent Nest Community blog if you want to read more on Nest cameras and the Home app. 

We chose to transition to the Home app because this app is designed for the future of the smart home — a single place to set up, manage, automate, and control your home. Today, most home devices are controlled across multiple apps, but we’re working on making the Google Home app the central controller across all your home devices, including Google devices and devices from 1,000s of other brands. We continue to make major improvements to the Home app to support this future. 

That being said, this means that existing Nest households with cameras and doorbells prior to Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Doorbell (battery) may have a two app experience. We know this can be frustrating, and we are committed to bringing the experiences and Nest devices you have come to love in the Nest app into the Home app. This will take time to get right, and we will continue to share more details as we have updates.

We are listening to your feedback and will continue to make improvements to advance the camera experience in the Home app. For example, we’ll soon introduce the ability to flip between events quickly and easily, which is helpful for events that are far apart, or if you only want a glimpse of the events versus playing them back fully. And we’ve also been working on rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app, so the new Nest cameras and doorbell feeds can be viewed and controlled from there. This will launch in 2022. 


Other updates

We also heard feedback from many on the multi-pack cameras only offering a single charging cable. We recognize that this doesn't work for all users, so we are offering a free additional cable(s) to customers who purchased the two-pack or three-pack. Just contact our support team.

Finally, we commit to being more transparent with you on where we are taking the camera portfolio. We know that those with wired doorbell connections prefer to have a doorbell that can also support 24/7 continuous video history (via the Nest Aware subscription). We are excited to share that we will be launching a 2nd generation of Nest Doorbell (wired) in 2022. 


Hopefully this post gives you more context on where we’re heading together, and we’ll share our upcoming plans here on the Nest Community. I encourage you to share your feedback with us as we continually improve our products and experiences.



Rishi Chandra

GM/VP of Google Nest

Community Member

@GoogleNestTeam - I feel absolutely cheated.  I’ve significantly invested in the Nest ecosystem and recommended to family and friends.  I have the secure system, doorbell, thermo, cams, door locks, etc.  I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why my new Nest Cam (wired) would not show up in the Nest app.  Finally stumbled across this thread.  Google, you are going to lose a customer and ambassador of the brand if ALL of the Nest app features aren’t available in Google Home soon.

Community Member

What a terrible customer experience. I installed a new Nest Cam with Floodlight and struggled trying to figure out what was broken, why it wouldn't show up in the Nest app or on the web page. Your own customer documentation is wrong - says you can view the video history on but that's only true with some cameras that are no longer sold, not the new ones. 

If the customer experience isn't done yet, don't break the existing one.

If it will "take some time to get right" then get it right before you roll out a partially-working hackjob. 

If you're going to have two ecosystems, then don't stop selling the old cameras during the interim.

The Google Home app is not even close to feature-complete, and is really not a good user experience. If you have a large number of Google & Nest devices (chromecasts, cameras, assistant-enabled speakers, etc) it's very cluttered. 


Community Member

Serious… a Nest Cam (battery) not showing up in the Nest App and being forced to use the Google Home app?  Now I’ve heard it all - misleading consumers and faulty marketing to say the least! Google - fix this and integrate these cameras into the Nest App!  

Community Member

I’m just here to add my name to the list of customers angered by this move.


I wish you’d never bought dropcam and ruined a perfectly great company with your ABC mismanagement 

Community Member

I can't believe I had to wait until after I purchased 6 new floodlight cams and installed one of them to learn that they don't work in the Nest App (alongside a dozen existing Nest cams we already have) and are not viewable on a computer which is the whole reason we went with a Nest platform a couple years ago. Google sucks. I hope this bombs for you, you deserve the worst. Returning all our new cams right now and finding a new platform. F YOU.

Community Member

The fact that the few remaining old-version Nest Outdoor IQ cams are selling for double-price and more ($800 per camera!!!) on eBay should tell you how much people hate the new cams that only work on Google Home app and not in the Nest app or Nest web browser. You can't begin to imagine how much I hate Google for this and will never forgive or forget for getting burned on system we've already invested thousands in... and now have to pay double-price to scalpers.


Google is truly scum of the earth.


Community Member

Super disappointing after being a long-time Nest user and having just purchased two floodlight cameras. The Nest app is great, Google Home is awful to look at. Fix this.

Community Member

I have various Nest devices using Nest App, just purchased a 'Nest Cam' and found I can not add it using Nest App, must use Google Home. I have added using Google Home, but Google home does not see other Nest products eg Nest Protect.

I can not view the 'Nest Cam' on

I can not edit zones for Nest Outdoor cameras in Google Home App, I have to use Nest App.

Opened case with Google Nest and advised that 'Nest Cam' is not compatible with 'Nest Outdoor IQ', I must use separate Apps.

I did not believe this could be true, until reading more online. 

Both products 'Nest Protect' and 'Nest Cam' are in same packaging, same logos, same branding, similar product names prefixed with 'Nest', but are effectively two different product lines that are not compatible.

I feel for the support staff, they will be getting lots of calls about this.

Community Member

I think that Google has completely missed the point that a large portion of Nest camera users neither want nor need the cameras functions integrated with "a household", speakers, lights, and doorbells and such. My business used dozens of these cameras around a large commercial complex and several remote properties. At the time it was the best wifi/non-hardwired system that would allow many people on remote desktop computers to monitor security live from many cams at once, in one aggregate place, and save/share/and download clips of security incidents (sometimes single incidents that occurred on/over multiple cameras and then we'd stitch the clips together chronologically in Adobe Premiere). Google has broken a formerly awesome system and awesome brand to appeal to its own egos.. And a smaller demographic of customers. You will lose business and you will totally deserve it. 

Community Member

Added 3 new Nest battery cams on Sunday just to find out like many on this thread that they are not supported in the Nest app. Saying that I am hugely disappointed is an understatement. Thank you Google, now I have to use 2 different apps to control my Nest devices, let alone that the Google Home app looks like a an intern coded it as a summer project. Please fix this mess Google and get the new Nest cams integrated into the Nest app!

Community Member

I like to open my nest app and see all the cameras i have live, and be able to scroll through the timeline to check what has happened before and after the recorded incident, because the notified time isn't always the best to check for the motion detected, often u have to scroll ahead of time to see the actual detection. 
unless you have the nest app capability build into the home app, you cannot stop customers from adding newly purchase "Nest" cameras to the "Nest" App. 

the Home app does not offer the same functionality as the Nest app. until you have fully integrated the Home app, don't force your users off the Nest app, because the home app isn't currently build for security in mind at all. 

Community Member

@GoogleNestTeam I'm back, after living with my two new floodlight cameras for several days. I need someone to contact me to provide a timeline for their integration into the Nest app. Google Home is horrific and I feel absolutely cheated... I will not manage my interior cameras, doorbell, smart locks and original outdoor camera in a different place than these two new, long-awaited, hot-off-the-presses devices. Your competitors (read: Apple) would NEVER pull this kind of JV move and I'll be returning my floodlight cameras and hawking the rest of my Nest products on eBay (where I hear they're trading at a premium) if someone can't give me reassurance that I will be able to control all of my Nest products within the NEST APP. Way to destroy a brand and by the looks of it, many many evangelical customers. 

Community Member

You guys have destroyed a perfect ecosystem that I used to love. 

when I was told to switch to a google login. I said fine whatever. but that was just the beginning of the dumpster fire you guys created.

Heres an idea! why not just scrap your terrible app and add new features to the nest app that loyalist had come to love. You can even just rebrand it to put your stupid logo all over it. 

I cant believe I spent 300 bucks on a floodlight camera that im being told "just use two apps"

and to scrap one of the best devices that ive been using flawlessly since the beginning the nest secure?

why?for what reason? you guys are making terrible decision after terrible decision.

I hope apple comes out with a Line of cameras so they can put you guys to shame

Community Member

Well, I just unboxed my Nest Camera (Battery) and after setting everything up, I discovered that it does not integrate with the Nest app. You have to use the childish, Google Home app, which was designed by a bunch of armatures. I have always tried to avoid Googles software because the interfaces are so confusing and always in Beta mode. The google Home App is no exception. Its trash. I try to avoid Gmail as much as I can because its interface sucks too. Knowing that other users are experiencing the same frustrations, I am concerned that I will be running into many issues. 


Sorry Google. You are no Apple when it comes to developing nice products with great experiences. Now I have to figure out how to navigate all the childish settings in your crummy Google Home App. Give up on it and move everything over to the Nest app. At least those developers know what they are doing,

Community Member

I couldn’t be more upset! I have been a long term supporter of Nest but NO MORE!

Nest products that I own:

I own 10 smoke detectors. 
I own 4 thermostats. 
I own the doorbell. 
I own three of the old outdoor cameras.
I own two of the battery cameras which I would return if I could. 

I want everything to appear in the Nest app as it does now. The Google Home app is crap!!!

Fix it!!!

Community Member

@WildClyde , wow, you do have a lot of Nest products. I have


8 cameras

3 smoke detectors

1 thermostat

The Nest app is good. Not perfect, but that development team is way smarter than the Google Home team. I feel like a 4 year old with no programming skills could create a better app with a better user experience.

When Rishi Chandra from @GoogleNestTeam mentioned that they want to take the Nest app experience and cram into the Google Home, why waste their time? Scrap the Google Home app and improve the Nest App. 


I work in software development/customer experience and I honestly struggle with Google's software.

Also, why do I have to go through 5 screens just to log into the Nest app? WTF?


Please fix your software @GoogleNestTeam. I can help you with a better experience! I have little faith that the Google Home app will handle my security needs. I fear that when something bad happens, I won't be able to go back to the app and see what happened. The Nest app is far easier to use.

Community Member

@GoogleNestTeam  I totally get where you are going, but you could have 1) Renamed the product line to something like Pixel Home (Pixel Cam and Pixel Bell, Pixel Temp) to separate them and not confuse people. Everything is "Nest" now, but old Nest and new Nest, and people still expect it to work like the old. It's named the same right?! But, it's not compatible! 2) Explain the migration and build a better mousetrap in the Google Home app, so people would WANT to migrate, but you cannot even SCHEDULE the cameras to operate at different times like the old Nest products and every other camera manufactured line. We should not have lost functionality. Even if the camera devices were available for routines like Sunrise/Sunset (like the Home and Away routine), it would give people more options. 

Community Member



i have been a Nest customer since the beginning.

I have 10 Nest thermostats 

I have 5 cameras.

everything was excellent until one of my outdoor cameras stopped working

i was forced to buy an outdoor battery cam.

now I need to use the nest app to see 24/7 history on my 4 older cams

i need to use Home to see 24/7 history on the new battery cam

setting Up the battery cam was difficult.  The setup process would only set the new cam up if I brought that new cam very close to one of my cams it specified.  The specified cam was located 30 feet in the air on a pole!

the engineering and setup up process for this new battery cam needs to be dramatically improved.  It took your senior technician, Cathleen, 3 days to work with your engineers to figure how to se up this new battery cam.

Community Member

What the Nest product manager missed: users like me want to view my complete home status with one click. I do this before I go to bed and when I am away. The Nest app allows me to: view the thermostats; view the cameras including the doorbell (any packages I might have missed); view the smoke detector status. The Google Home app requires a click to start; a click on Cameras and then a click on live for each battery camera; a click on thermostats and a click on each thermostat; and I can’t see smoke detectors. For me this is 8 clicks and counting…

This is what happens when product management loses its way. GOOGLE, START LISTENING TO YOUR USERS AND LEARN THEIR USE CASES!

Community Member

Wildclyde thats what frustrates me too, Nest app you could open and instantly see everything on one page, cameras were all live and visible, thermostats all there etc. Google app takes about 10 clicks just to view a camera, the history feed never works either. totally pathetic. Cant get notifications from the new cameras on email, so unless you constantly watching your phone they are pointless as security cameras.

Another thing on the thermostatc, you cant shedule them from the google app, ironically they give you a little nest but that opens the nest app for you so you can do it there! Honestly the hash up is laughable, for such a large company it just shows what happens when decent companies get taken over by numpties.


Community Member

@Lionman2  Hahaha what's a numptie?!?! Is that like a Oompa Loompa?!?! 😂🤣

Community Member

@BG  a numptie is a stupid oompa loompa... 🙂😀