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Hey everyone, 

Earlier last week, our newest camera and doorbell went on sale and we’ve seen the insightful feedback and thoughtful questions you’ve shared so far. We appreciate you taking the time to always share your experiences so we can continue improving the products you love. We understand there’s a lot changing (and that change can be frustrating) so we’ll be sharing more about our newest cameras and doorbell and how to get the most help from the Google Home app.

The new Nest camera experience is exclusively available in the Google Home App

The Google Nest Doorbell (battery), Google Nest Cam (battery), Google Nest Cam with floodlight, Google Nest Cam (wired) are exclusive to the Home app (and will not work in the Nest app). We built the Google Home app so these new cameras are optimized for versatility (event based and continuous based recording) and intelligence across the whole home. The Google Home app is also where you control your other compatible smart home devices, including your speakers, smart displays, Wifi, lights, locks, Chromecasts, thermostats, and more. Below you can find some of our new camera features available in the Home app today:

View all of your Nest cameras and doorbell in one place. You can tap on the camera icon in the home view of the Google Home app. Here, you’ll see all existing Nest cameras, including Nest Doorbell (battery), Nest Cam (battery), Nest Cam with floodlight and Google Nest Cam (wired). You can also watch live video in the Home app.

rchambers_8-1630623938465.png rchambers_1-1630623300484.png

With your new cameras, view your history for a specific camera (Sightline 2.0). The new sightline experience lets you easily scroll through time and review both your event based recording and continuous video recording (only with a wired Nest Cam and Nest Aware subscription) while keeping the full field of view of your camera visible. You can also view recorded clips for any Nest Cam in the full Home History. We’re working on making this available for our previous generation cameras. Learn more about video history in the Home app.



When viewing the camera feed live, you can quickly access additional controls from the ‘More’ tab — like turning your camera on or off, selecting one of your doorbell’s quick responses, setting up quiet time, or contacting emergency services (requires a Nest Aware subscription). Check out these articles for more details: Learn about how to turn camera on/off, learn more about Doorbell chime settings and learn more about Emergency calling.


View the recent priority events that have happened across your cameras - like a package has been delivered or when an unfamiliar face was detected (requires a Nest Aware subscription). Learn about the Home app Feed. rchambers_3-1630623300347.png
Exclusive to the Google Home app, you can use full Home History to quickly understand what happened in the day across all your Nest devices. You can filter events by camera and by what the cameras have detected (person, package, animal etc.) Learn about Home History.


home history.png


Adjust your camera settings - You can personalize your camera experience with the many camera settings available. You can do things like selecting the types of notifications you want to receive and even change the default settings so you can further optimize battery life, event frequency and more. Check these resources out for more detailed information: Nest camera and doorbell settings and How to use sound detection settings on Nest Cams and Doorbell (video). cropped camera settings 2.png
Get smart notifications right at your fingertips. Be in control of what notifications you or any member in your household  receives in Camera Settings. Your new camera can alert you when a person, animal or vehicle has been detected. In addition, your Nest Doorbell (battery) can alert you when a package has been detected. We know it’s important to receive notifications across all your cameras from one app and we’re working on bringing that functionality to the Google Home app. Learn about smart notifications

**the notifications image previewed here is currently only available on Android and will be coming soon to iOS users




Activity Zones help your cameras focus on the areas you care the most about with tailored alerts. Setting up your Activity Zones is  a good way to optimize the battery life of your Nest Cam (battery) and  Nest Doorbell (battery) by focusing on the key areas of the scene.  Check these resources out for more detailed information: How to set up and use Activity Zones and How to set up Activity Zones on your Nest Cam and Doorbell (video).



Camera Experiences to Look Forward to

There are a few things we’ve been working on (and will continue to) as we know there’s much more you’d like to see and do in the Home app. Our team is actively working on a plan to bring other Nest devices into the Home app and we’ll share more later. Some of our upcoming features are:

  • A new home on the web. This has been an important feature request, so we’re developing a new Google Home on Web for the new Nest cameras and doorbell allowing users to view their cameras on the Web. This will be coming in 2022. 
  • Improved Video Seeking. We are continuing to improve sightline 2.0 so we can help you quickly review and discover events your cameras recorded. This will be coming later this year. 
  • Holiday Ringtones. Holiday ringtones continue to be one of our most beloved and most requested features and we’re excited to bring them to the Google Home app for Nest Doorbell (battery). This will be coming later this year. 


As long time Nest customers, we understand the transition from the Nest app to the Google Home app has been a bit confusing and frustrating, and we’re committed to providing a seamless Home app experience for our customers. These are only some of the things you can currently do in the Home app and what’s to come. 

We’ll be listening and we want to ensure you’re having a great experience with your new Nest cameras and doorbells, so we’d love to hear more from you. Feel free to continue sharing your feedback and additional thoughts. 



Community Member

After a few days with the new Google Nets Cam I have a couple of comments on the camera.

Living at the countryside I would like to get notifications when people or cars are coming also when they are more then a few meters away. The recognition and notifications are not really working for people 20 meters away.

Also, the recognition and notifications seem to be quite random when people are walking just within the by the camera visible area and are quite often not recognized at all even if closer to the house. I would wish a higher sensitivity here especially at night.

And my biggest wish would be to be able to share the live stream with people who should not have access to my Google home settings. So that my parents who live quite far away can have a look at our garden whenever they like. In principle as it was possible with the Nest app before (this was the reason I bought the Google cam without realizing that this feature is gone at the moment, which is quite a shame considering the high price of the camera).

Community Member

@RachelC I have been a Nest customer for about 8 years. I just bought a pair of the new Battery Nest Cameras that I wanted to integrate into my home security package. I already nave 6 other Nest Products at all work within the Nest app. I cannot believe that the decision has been taken to prevent people who use the Nest App to monitor their home security by preventing the new Google Nest Cams from appearing in the Nest App . When it comes to the important issue of HOME SECURITY users like me want to continue to use the NEST APP and only receive security notifications FROM ONE QUALITY APP. Even though it is possible to watch all ones cameras in the Google Home App it provides a very POOR USER EXPERIENCE.  The Google Home APP is much too broad by trying to cover every single aspect of smart home control. It is also now impossible to monitor my home security from my computer browser. I am very disappointed and I think that Google have made a very big mistake in not accommodating and maintaining the loyalty that their Nest customers have for the products they have already bought. It also extremely dishonest of Google to market these new cameras as Google Nest Cameras. Whoever made these decisions within Google has made a BIG MISTAKE. Rather than capitalise in the solidity of the NEST brand, Google is destroying the brand affection it has earned from its millions of customers.   

Community Member

You are spot on with your comments!

Community Member

So let's see there's been 34,791 views on this post. 



I'm pretty sure out of the 91 post on here you've only replied to a few. Why is Google not taking care of its customers? Especially the long-term customers that have spent a fortune on the products?



Community Member

I've managed to get hold of two new cameras of the "old" type, happy days. My new battery ones are coming down and as google wont take them back will probably go into the loft until such time google sort them out and make them work on nest app. Which I doubt will ever happen. The google app is un unusable and as said previously the fact you cant view on your PC is totally kills these cameras.

Community Member

This is bs guys. This information should be available at the Nest Store, a visible disclaimer explaining the incompatibility issues of new devices with the Nest app and older devices with the Home app, so people can decide if they want to invest in Nest, because the whole point of going with one single platform is compatibility. I should have gone with Ring, now I have two cameras outside using one app and another inside using a different one, which lacks basic functionality and is poorly designed. This is Google not a Kickstarter project so you can't get a rain check for this. I know can return the cameras but they are already mounted, which took a lot of work. So I guess I'll wait until 2022 or 2023 or who knows. But I'm not recommending your products until you get your s together. 

Community Member

Like many who have already commented, I won’t be purchasing any new ‘Nest’ products until Google addresses the divide they have created on features and apps between ‘new’ and ‘existing’ devices.  Regardless of whether the ‘new’ devices have new capabilities that may have required using a new backend infrastructure, Google has violated Rule #1 of a consumer marketplace:  don’t abandon your installed base!  And, if you introduce new technology requiring new backend infrastructure, strive to make it completely transparent to your end users.  I.e., don’t ‘break’ the available functionality of the installed base of devices and don’t require your end users to navigate separate apps and separate features in those apps to access different generations of devices that are supposed to operate as part of a fully integrated domain of “whole home system”.  This is BASIC stuff that Google got wrong.  I.e., whatever marketing genius who thought creating this division among their product offerings and violating this fundamental rule was a “good idea” should be fired.  The question is how long will it take Google to admit this error and fix it?  Or will they fix it?

Community Member

I wanted to buy a Nest battery operated camera as part of my other cameras, but I stumbled upon the GM blog saying it won't work.  I was actually complaining about my Nest Learning Thermostat failing (after 5 months).   It's criminal to rope people into buying a product and not telling them that it won't work with the Nest App.  You should be ashamed of yourself!

I have a problem happening right now.  Installed Nest Learning on 1 April.  Ran heat through May, then AC and Heat into June until we went to straight AC for summer.  Multizone heating system (forced hot water) with two Nest E's on other zones.  Testing heating system from Nest Learning on 6 Oct.  Taco box just kept clicking.  Thermostat showing N72 error (no power to Rh).  It's not true.  You will see other posts about this across the web.  Called heating company for PM b/c I assumed the problem was with boiler.  First thing tech said when he arrived was "you have a Nest thermostat, correct?".  He performed troubleshooting to see if it was the Nest or the boiler (W to Rh wire - triggered heat).  Notified Google and they sent me new baseplate (arrived last night 10-28 and installed - no fix.  Same exact issues).  Contacted them again this morning (10-29) and just went through 2 hours of painful chat troubleshooting with totally useless reps (Madison and then Enzo).  I'm done with having a teenager in their basement ask me if my house is powered and calling it support/troubleshooting.  This N72 error code with the Nest Learning Thermostat is well documented in your community rooms, and I'm sure that it's well documented behind your walls of secrecy.  I haven't found 1 posting where someone with the issue got it resolved through your support network.  The solution was to eat the $250 purchase and buy something else.  Well, I'm not going away.  I WANT MY PROBLEM FIXED NOW!!!!!  23 DAYS WITHOUT HEAT IS CRIMINAL.  FIX IT!

Community Member

For the love of all that is sacred...hurry up and add the ability for Nest Hubs to automatically CYCLE THROUGH AND DISPLAY ALL CONNECTED CAMERAS!!!!!!! 

I don't want to have to ask it to switch to specific cameras...I just want to have the ability to have a Nest Hub display just cycle through everything every x-seconds in the background. I don't care about it showing a fancy clock, my pictures or curated art...ADD FUNCTIONALITY!

Community Member

PLEASE provide a view for multiple cameras on one display monitor! I believe there are many, many customers that want to see what is going on around our house when we hear a noise inside/outside and need all cameras on one screen - so we don't have to scroll through and look at each separate camera during a stressful time.  Thanks! 

Community Member


Community Member


Community Member


Community Member

Without scrolling thru the whole feed, one (albeit not perfect) solution while we're waiting for Google to release their web version of the Home app - Windows 10 has the ability to 'mirror' your phone and is actually kinda cool.

You can basically work your phone using your PC, including being able to run the Home app (see below) - nowhere near as good as the Nest web app, but it's doing the job ok for me (would be cool to be able to change the view to Landscape to be able to view the cam views better, but oh well).

Not perfect by any means (or even 'great'), but does the trick.

Only good for Android though - using iPhone apparently is no good.

Hope this helps someone (even if temporarily).



Community Member

How can I see my cameras on my Mac & Macbook?

Community Member

It is dishonest and fraudulent for Google to label the new Google Nest camera (which we purchased three days ago along with a 10 meter cable to wire it) as a "Nest" camera when it does not work with the Nest app along with all of our other Nest cameras and cannot be accessed online from a computer along with our other Nest cameras on the Home Nest website. Further, unlike our other Nest cameras, we cannot manually edit clips from video history and cannot even gather a video clip from a computer.

If, as you say, you're "committed to providing a seamless Home app experience for our customers," why can't we configure our existing Google Nest cameras and doorbells and view their history from the Google Home app and why can't we access the new Nest camera online from our computer? And why do we have to use two different apps to get notifications from our Google Nest cameras? And why does the new Nest camera not have the Enhance feature present on our existing Nest cameras to set zoom when recording history?  And why can we only get email notifications from our existing Nest cameras and not the new Nest camera? This is NOT "seamless."

Releasing this camera without having this in place and instead promising to add it sometime in the future is like selling a new car and saying "sorry, unlike your current car, reverse gear doesn't work right now, and the windows and air conditioning also don't work right now; we're working on adding those features in the future.  And by the way, the old model is no longer available."

As a long-time Google Nest customer, I am profoundly unhappy with our new Google Nest camera (battery), which we purchased because the previous Google Nest outdoor camera is no longer available.

This new camera is really a "beta" release and Google should be compensating us for testing your as-yet-unfinished product.

Community Member

Nice summary @RachelC !
Like others on the is forum< I find it hard to believe that with the time Google had since buying Nest they haven't managed to improve the Home app. and/or merge with the Nest app.
Usability aside, the fact that people with old and new products are in non man's land is very fructrating.

As a result of all this, how can I add a new Nest Battery Doorbell to my existing Nest Aware Plus subscription and benefit from (names) announcements if nothing else?

Also, my new doorbell only rings (with a huge delay despite perfect wifi) on one of my 4 hubs; I can;t find how to address this anywhere. Your help would be appreciated.


Community Member

While I am glad Google is saying they will fix the shortcomings in the newly released "Nest" cameras, Not revealing or highlighting that the cameras don't work the same way as the existing 6 Nest cameras I have (not available at is quite dishonest. I get it that timelines slip, etc. But I expect more from Google/Nest. At least on the Black Friday ads that they posted, the mention it, but man, it's bad not to VERY clearly and prominently state this on the site. I almost bought 3 more nests and would have been QUITE upset to learn that they don't work the same way. Kudos to Google for putting it in the black friday ad text, shame on google for not just making it work the old way until the new way is finished. MAYBE it will be ironed out by next Thanksgiving? 

Community Member

The biggest missing feature imo is the ability to turn off familiar face alerts. I don't want a notification every time a family member walks by my camera. This seems easy to implement.

Community Member

I totally agree with the comments above.  Google is really out of touch.  I am returning my new battery cam as in its current state it is worthless to me.  Worst and sadly, despite being a very loyal Google Customer for years with a couple of dozen Nest products that I love and that work beautifully with the Nest app and Web Interface, I will be actively discouraging anyone I know from hitching their wagon to Google's insanely clueless product "strategy."

Community Member

Glad I read all these posts.  I just ordered another Nest camera-I will be cancelling my order asap.  The Nest app is so much better

Community Member

Ok long time Nest camera user. I have tried several other security cameras and always come back to the nest camera. WHY? Because the nest app configuration is 10x better than your competitors. So way to go by screwing that up. I just bought the new Google cam battery and it does not work with the nest app... huge FAIL. So ok we have to use 2 apps to check on our cameras? Sweet! Oh yeah thats 👏 brilliant, wait perhaps I should get another phone to check my other cameras? Dumb.

Also, the Google home app is not where its at, super clunky and not stream lined for quick monitoring. But hey love all the deep menus.

I wish when something works companies would not f the good stuff up. 😒



Community Member

Classic Google - force you into a new app while ensuring the new app has LESS functionality than the one it is replacing.  Note that this is for PAYING customers. 

I would say they just didn't do their research, but when it happens so often it becomes obvious: they just don't care what we think. Stuff like this is why I ditched Android.  

Community Member

I feel like I was scammed, no I was SCAMMED...  I bought a nest camera and it does not work with nest app, is google the new prince of Nigeria.

I will be returning this and looking for another vendor for my Camera's and door bells. What a crock of ****!

I can't even view this new camera from my computer REALLY....


Community Member

It's amazing that Google can't see how much this ruins their smart home brand ambitions. Is their ANY respond from someone responsible at Google??

Fair enough that you are consolidating things to one app but can you please provide a plan for when the old Nest devices will be fully supported?

Community Member


Here to vent frustration. 

My friend has just spent around $1000 on a Nest Hub Max, several Nest Camera Battery and several Nest Indoor.

Compatibility issues are strife. 

We added the Nest Hub Max to the home with existing lights and speakers and was working ok. But then the battery cameras wouldn't connect to the home due to the know known bug where it hangs on connecting to existing Nest devices.

Work around on the forum was to add the battery cameras to a new home and then migrate everything over one by one, this worked for everything except the Nest Hub Max which required a factory reset according to google support. 

Then when connecting the Nest Hub Max to the new home there is another know known bug where the camera will not go online regardless of what you do.

The only way to get the Nest Hub Max to work was to add it to a new home and migrrate everything over except the battery cameras.

The devices will not work/setup in the same home environment and the known bugs are almost as old as the opening post.

This is a real shocker that google hasn't fixed these bugs and doesn't provide much faith in the companys future or tech. 

Community Member

I find the google home app to be lacking. 

1. How do I see the new cameras on a PC?

2. How do I get time-lapse clips of the new camera?

3. We no longer get small images along with the notifications.  The nest appt gives use a complete notification. 

Did google just drop a bunch of functions, remove consistency, and pretend that this was a benefit to the customers?  As far as I can tell, my older nest cameras have significantly better functionality because of the nest appt.    I used to recommend the nest cameras to everyone.  Now I feel embarrassed.  Does anyone have a good google alternative?  (These cameras are so pricey too.  I am really bummed) 

Community Member

122 negative comments on the train wreck created by Google on the app and functionality division of prior Nest products and the new Nest cam products … and Google has yet to respond in any way, has yet to even acknowledge even hearing what their customers are telling them, has yet to provide any roadmap on when there will be a truly integrated experience with regained functionality that we had all become accustomed to with the Nest app.

So, not only has Google made a massive mistake in marketing strategy with the introduction of their new ‘Nest’ products that bifurcates the whole Nest ecosystem … they’ve also have now demonstrated that their customer care and support organizations also don’t have a clue.

Community Member


Community Member

@kaja69 I think the mistake we are all making is that we:

1) assume they care.  History shows that they really don't care what customers think. We will still continue to use some/may of their products (as evidenced by our participation here)

2) Assume that there is a roadmap for Nest consolidation.  History yet again shows that they have no issues sunsetting a product without adding all of the features into the new one.  Look no further than Google Play music and YouTube music.  There is STILL functionality that is "missing" in YTM that was in GPM.  I say "missing" since it's clear now that it will never actually be added.

I am but a lowly tech sales guy, but I understand the product process.  IF Google wanted to do this, they would have already done it.  They are Google.  There are only 3-4 other companies on the planet with the tech resources they have. 

Unfortunately, it's becoming more clear how little they care about their customer experience overall. I thought it might be limited to certain products, but it seems to be pervasive. 

Community Member

Half ass development and deliverable from Google. can't see the new camera on Nest app, can't see it from my Nest Web (so this will be gone for sure). No deliverable on the web  solution when they started selling the new cameras. 

Community Member

Rachel  is a clip just a still frame picture or is it a short video.  i see nothing but still frame pictures when i look at a event.  When i use the Google Home app to view them, every one come up with "There was a problem connecting to the camera stream"  It shows the picture of the event but no stream.  Very Frustrating

Community Member

@User123456 what's the point in having such a board if you don't bother to answer our questions? I would like to know when I can expect the new camera to work the same way as the other ones?

I simple don't believe that you can't see why we are asking. As it works now and demands two different apps it makes no sense. ALL functionality in ONE app must be the biggest no-brainer ever...

Community Member

Since there’s been no response to peoples legitimate answers and concerns I will be less polite in this post. Google, your big pockets obviously care little about the consumers whom help fill them as I’m sure the Nest division you bought out and ruined makes up a very tiny portion of your pocket books. For the lack of planning, consideration, and loyalty to your customers you can go **bleep** your self !!!! I have 13 google products, including now 3 cameras I paid 600 bucks for hooked up and never use, due to their incompatibility. You have lost this small fishes business along with many others. In the grand scheme of things Mabye that Dosent concern your company. In summary; you sabotaged Nest and it’s platform and products. Your google home app sucks, your integration of new cameras that can’t run on nest app is thoughtless, your ‘transitioning’ phase is a joke, and again go **bleep** yourself! 

Community Member

We may be small fish, but the funny thing is that they fail to see the larger implications of continually telling your customers you don't care.  

Eventually, those customers make decisions for more than themselves - ie companies.  Perhaps that is why GCP is in distant 3rd?  I would have a hard time putting my business on Google cloud if I thought I would be treated this way.  Too much hubris at Google to put this together though.

Community Member

That is BS I mainly bout this to add on to my wired outside cam and thermo this is BS that I have to find this out after I purchase and installed. The nest app is mire user friendly and beautiful, the home app is trash and not engaging. You drop the ball on this Nest

Community Member

Like mostly everybody else’s comments I’m very frustrated with the lack of integration into the existing system. How can the nest cam outdoor battery record full time just as my other NEST cameras?

Community Member

Very much looking forward to the Web view as I look at my cameras mostly from my work computer, not my phone.

A huge pain is still viewing my Nest cams (wired doorbell and Nest Hub Max) with the new outdoor floodlight. Will they ALWAYS be two separate apps? 

Community Member

I just came across this thread and am severely disappointed.  I planned to buy 10 new cameras for my building, and am grateful I only bought one or two.  I may be asking for a refund.  The whole point was so I could see all the cameras as once via a Web Browser, as I was able to do for my previous Nest cameras.  Now these new Nest cameras are unable to do that??


Has there been any official response on the timeline to expect a web browser interface for our new cameras?

Community Member

So I added a 2nd camera to my Google home App.

How can I view and share clips to police if needed?

Community Member

i have had one of the new google wired cmers since launch and 6 of the old nest cameras. I almost NEVER look at the google home app camera and always look at the nest app cameras. it really is  boat anchor until integration comes. haven't and won't buy any mroe nest/google hardware until this is resolved. Really bad product roll-out.  The securtiyu value of the new camera is zero. 

Community Member

I agree with most comments in this post. Google Home ap sucks and Nest app rocks. 


Does anyone know if there is an end of the life date for the nest app? I need to know how much time I have before I purchase a different brand of camera.


Community Member

With my old devices that are connected to the Nest app I can use my chrome cast and just say show cameras and they appear on my TV screen. However the new  NEST floodlight camera I purchased does not? Why because it does not work with the NEST app and the Goggle home app does not have this functionality. When will this be fixed by Google? I want one seamless system which is what I thought I had going with Google but that is no the case. Never fix something that is not broken and it appears that is what Google has done here.  

Community Member

Is there anyway the google Hub can alert me when my indoor camera sees a person. Trying to use it to alert when someone has entered my garage. We mainly enter via garage but as of yet since there are no door sensors for google home would like to use the camera to alert the google hub (like it does my phone) when someone enters. Something like a door chime. Its frustrating that google seems to be far behind the ring on features. 

Community Member

Hi @RachelC,

I invested in 8 Google cameras (6 Battery & 2 Indoor wired).

With the battery cameras, they don’t seem to last more than a week before I need to charge. I have them pointing out on high traffic areas during the day. At night, there shouldn’t be any traffic at all.

I only want to turn on the cameras only at night. The only way I know how is to manually set routines to “Away” and then when I wake up, I have to manually set it back to “Home”. This isn’t ideal as I have to manually set the routines every day and night.

I also tired creating a routine with the action being a custom command eg “Everyone’s away” but this still does not work and I get asked to use the app and switch to Away routine.

Can you provide any suggestions?

Will Google be creating a schedule for cameras? I see this as a massive oversight in not being able to set a schedule with a battery operated camera.





Community Member

Just purchased two new google wired cameras thinking I could simply add them to my amazing Nest app as my 7th and 8th cameras.  Then I found this thread.  I honestly don't know what to say.  The most annoying thing for me (besides no web interface) is not being able to SCROLL through history on my phone without the blue circle of death in the Google Home app.  My cameras in the Nest app do not have this problem.  I'm now rethinking my entire Google experience, cameras and everything else Google.  This company's lack of transparency is alarming.

Community Member

I just hooked up two 2nd generation nest cams and found out they are not nest cams anymore.  Can you update us on when the web swap over is going to be complete?  I have 7 cameras on my web based Nest app and two on my phone.  Not a good look for Google.  Who thought this was going to be acceptable to customers.  We use these for our business and this is frustrating to say the least.

Community Member

I just signed up to join the community so I can track this absurd issue.  I got an email giving me a "badge" as a new member.  Do you think we are all 7 years old?  Maybe that is the problem.  

Community Member

RING has all their devices integrated.  There are some pretty good features on their app. Overall the nest app is better but not all nest cameras such as the nest flood light cameras work with the nest app?

Community Member

@RachelC  The home app doesn't have nearly the same functionality that the nest app does for viewing my video history (that I have a paid subscription for). Any official word on the timeline for these missing features being ported over to the home app? (It's currently the first day of 2022.)