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Camera not powering continuously with 3m supplied cable

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Recently purchased camera and have charged up using supplied cable and installed outside. Given battery was running rapidly low due to high foot traffic I chose to install permanent wiring to the camera using an extension cord and the supplied 3mtr charging cable. It showed an infinity symbol and “powered” initially for a few seconds but then reverted to the battery even though it is plugged in and power is going to the plug. Yes the cable is around the right way. Yes I have tried restarting it. 

Have seen multiple posts with the same issue.  Is it true that the supplied 3m cable is not capable of continuous power for ongoing usage and can only be used to charge? Do not want to waste more money on a cable on a faulty product, 



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I have seen multiple complaints from users about the cables and chargers etc etc being faulty. I've seen the complaints here and on several social media platforms. Last time i mentioned this a google representative piped up and said they were unaware of any issues haha. Yer righto google whatever. 

There's ongoing issues with the charge cables unfortunately you may need to return the cable for an exchange or purchase another. There is no other remedy if the cable is faulty



We've had the battery camera plugged in with the optional power cable feeding towards the FRONT of the camera for 20 months, and it's always "Live" and the battery remains charged.

Some customer in this forum have reported difficulty getting a good connection on their USB plug in the bottom of the camera, and have had to fiddle around with it to get a good connection.

I don't know whether you can continuously power the battery camera with the included 1-meter charging cord. In one post, a Google Nest Support person said you could, but other customer reports seem to call that into question.

I also don't know whether, in the case where the battery has been depleted, you may need to dismount the camera and charge it first, before running it in a powered/wired state.  There's no documentation on that.

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out. I just want to check if you were able to see the response above. Please let us know if you still have questions in mind. 


I appreciate your help, @Anonymous and @MplsCustomer.




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My issue was resolved by buying the 5mtr cable. It is clear the supplied cable doesn’t work for this purpose. 

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Hello Robo-t,


Happy to hear that! I appreciate the gesture. It looks like we can consider this one complete, so I will be locking this in 24 hours if we won't hear back from you again. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.

All thanks for your help, @Anonymous, @MplsCustomer, and Jenelyn.