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Can’t get my cameras into Nest app.

Community Member

I purchased two google out door nest cameras and tried to connect them to the nest app.  It forced me to I stall Google Home and add them there.  I like the Nest app better.   I pay for the nest subscription and already have one camera on it.  I would like all the cameras on the same app.   Any suggestions?  




Unfortunately, as many of us have discovered the hard way, the new Google Nest cameras released starting in the fall of 2021 work ONLY in the Google Home app, and NOT in the Google Nest app or on the website with our other Google Nest cameras and doorbells. However, if you have a Nest Aware subscription, that subscription will cover the new cameras (as long as they are in the same home/structure).

Google's rationale for this 2-app approach--along with many customer reactions--can be found in this blog in this forum: