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Google Doorbell “Ring Indoor Chime” greyed out

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Hi Guys,

I’ve just bought and set up a new Google Doorbell (battery) and installed without any dramas. 

I have an existing Google Nest + Google Nest Wifi Point Mesh in my home which was the reason I chose the Google Doorbell so when the button is pressed, it would chime on my Nest Wifi Point mesh (which has Google Assistant / “Hey Google” ). 

However once installed, the “Ring indoor chime” option is greyed out in the doorbell settings on my Google Home app. 

Google website clearly states the doorbell chime works with any Google Assistant speaker. Can someone please help me out?






The "Indoor chime" option, which controls whether your WIRED conventional doorbell chime is rung when the doorbell button is pressed, is automatically disabled if your battery doorbell is NOT wired (that is, the doorbell is NOT connected to any doorbell wires and therefore cannot ring an indoor doorbell chime).

If you want to receive visitor announcements on your Nest speakers when your doorbell button is pressed, you need to enable "Visitor announcements" on your doorbell:

Thanks for getting back to me. The unit I bought is BATTERY. I don’t understand, it can send video and audio, but not sending any “ding dong” or sound of any kind to my Google Assistant Wi-Fi Point Mesh speaker inside my home. I have “visitor announcements” selected on in the Google Home Doorbell settings.


I can't find any documentation on what qualifies as "Google Nest or Home speakers and displays [that] can announce when someone rings your Google Nest doorbell." Perhaps a Wi-Fi Point Mesh Speaker does not count as such a speaker or display.

Thanks for looking into this. This is the setup I have: “Nest Wifi points also have a speaker with Google Assistant “Your Google Assistant-enabled device, such as a Google speaker and display, can announce when a visitor rings your Google Nest doorbell.”



This was the reason I purchased the Google Doorbell. I’m not getting any announcement or any sound inside the home when the doorbell is pressed 


A customer on this post from last year says it should work:

I don't know why yours is not working if you have "Visitor announcements" turned on in your doorbell's settings in the Google Home app, and your Wi-Fi Point is in the same Google Nest "home/structure" as your doorbell, on the same Wi-Fi network.

You could contact Support, using the link and instructions in this post:

That first link is helpful. So it should work…but it’s not. I’ve tried the contact support and the support person was unfortunately not helpful in anyway. 

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Ok I got it working. Was going through all settings and notifications and found that “Do Not Disturb” was selected ON For my Wifi Point speaker.. so turning that off and it now works. Shame the google support people were no use at all, he/she told me that it wasn’t compatible and I needed to go buy a nest mini which makes zero sense as I already have nest with Google Assist. 

Anyway thanks for your help in determining that it WAS compatible. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Daverm,


Thanks for posting in the Community. 


I’m glad to hear that the issue has been fixed. I appreciate you sharing the resolution in our Community.  My apologies for your experience with the support team. We're always looking for ways to improve. I'd suggest you submit feedback about it; here's how to share feedback about Google Nest.


Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions in the future.


I appreciate your help, MplsCustomer.