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Indoor/Outdoor Camera - poor night vision

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One of my original Nest IQ outdoor cameras died (absolutely no way to fix it apparently) after just 29 months of use. Very poor IMO but that's another story.

I purchased two new Indoor/Outdoor Cameras and installed one wired and added another one in a new area which is on battery for the time being but will be wired.

I still have one Nest IQ Outdoor camera and an original Nest Hello doorbell. The night vision on those is very good giving a clean, crisp black and white image with good depth of field.

By comparison, the night vision on the new cameras is very poor, giving a hazy pixelated image more akin to what you'd expect on some cheap, budget camera.

Very much a backwards step.

I've tried setting the night vision to Always on rather than Auto but it makes no difference.

Considering how expensive these units are, I'm disappointed with the reality of their night vision performance.

What is the experience of others? It'd be interesting to hear.


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Community Specialist

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