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My Google Nest Camera was hacked

Community Member

My Google nest camera was hacked by some pathetic loser and psychopath. I have had this camera for less than a month and you guys won't give me a refund. I want my money back or I will be reaching out to ALL LOCAL NEWS STATIONS. The police won’t do anything to help us! You should already know this. The most they will do is document it. Police don’t get involved until an incident has taken place. And by then it’s TOO LATE!! 

Just know that if anything happens to me or my family, it’s on you guys! But clearly you guys don’t care because our safety is NOT your priority. BULL**bleep**!  All you guys care about is lining your **bleep**ing pockets with money. People’s safety doesn’t matter. Thank you for absolutely nothing Google! Good job. Now some pathetic loser and psychopath knows about my day to day life/schedule and is probably stalking our every move. I will be sure to reach out to all local news stations about this. I will never buy any products from Google ever again. 

And I will be sure to tell everyone about this incident.  Google is **bleep**ED. Instead of taking responsibility for your **bleep** up, you push the blame on the user. Meanwhile it’s not my fault you guys are making bull**bleep** cameras that are easily hacked. This is absolutely ridiculous.