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Need to talk to a person, time dependent Nest camera takeout...losing footage every day

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Tried to takeout all my video history to retain video of my recently deceased pet....failed twice. No reason..takes 2 days to find out it failed...I need the footage...who can help?




These are Google Nest's instructions for downloading video clips:

If you want to try to talk to Support, you'll need to start with this link:

I have downloaded clips as needed.....I need the whole video history. I did this 1.5 years ago and it worked flawlessly, so I know it works. Now when I try for this, it fails twice with no reason, just sorry...have a nice day. Sounds like a class action suit.. I'll g have downloaded clips as needed.....I need the whole video history. I did this 1.5 years ago and it worked flawlessly, so I know it works. Now when I try for this, it fails twice with no reason, just sorry...have a nice day. Sounds like a class action suit.. I'll give that link a go, thanks.ive that link a go, thanks.


I just had them call me, the support team is absolutely clueless on how to solve this problem. The true D team on staff, I will call on Monday when someone with a clue can actually help.


Very disappointed in Google. Very.

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Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


@Kittmaster thanks for posting here in the Community. Our deepest sympathy for the loss of your pet. To confirm, what app are you using to download your video history? Have you tried doing it with your computer? If possible, could you share the screenshot of the error message? Looking forward to your response.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.




I am using Chrome via my PC to download "all video". I think what happened here is like everything else Google they ruin it. Under Nest, they allowed you to download every single event video in MP4 that was captured. I "think" what is happening is Google's version of this is like 14 days. I find that incredibly stupid as I can use the web browser and download 3 hour clips, delete, rinse and repeat all within the 60 day window of what the little calendar shows for every single camera I own. Yet, to download them all as a takeout, it is limited to 14 days.....I "think" that is what is happening. The support person on the phone that called me had no idea what I was talking about, so that was a dead end. I paid for the same subscription and it looks like Google warped the terms when they bought out nest. It makes no sense that Google will let me take clips 60 days back but won't let me take it all out at once like Nest did. It took FOUR DAYS the first time there was an "error"....then TWO DAYS to give me the same error...all the while footage for each day drops off. I've attached a screenshot. 

Takeout error screen

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any luck resolving this? I am having a similar issue and tech support chat directed me of course to creating individual clips and downloading those after explaining that I had done this in little bits but I  need all the history downloaded. 

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The luck in resolving it is this, barely, because they don't care. Google destroys everything it touches. I did however figure out the difference. Under Nest, they would allow the entire contents of the entire thing to be downloaded (as expected here), under Google, they give you what...14 days of history only out of the 90 days that you are paying for? They won't let you download "the entire thing".... but how stupid Google is, the ENTIRE video history is still there for you to download in 3 hour blocks to your computer... meaning, all of the last 90 days are STILL there for you to access. The crux is, you find and select the 3 hours you want/need, download it, save to a hard drive or NAS, then you delete the web area galleries to make the time 0 again, rinse and repeat until you get all you need from the archive.


So why in the hell won't they just let you download it all in one shot... oh I know, because it taxes their servers too much... booo hooo. I could see if the data was "gone" or erased... but it isn't, they just don't want to transfer all the data. So the wife and I literally sat down, mapped out which cam, time, and literally hand downloaded all that we could and wanted to until it all was gone. 


I don't know what Google is thinking... oh yeah, they aren't...I will never buy another Google product in my life and anyone that asks will know why. They made our lives hell for almost 3 weeks to get as much of the footage as we could. 


Imagine, you are grieving for what you consider a family member and you have to painstakingly have to rummage through footage trying to salvage whatever you can because you thought you had the tools that you have ALREADY USED to do it prior to the Google worthless take over. 


Never, never again, spend you money elsewhere. 

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Sorry for the super late response, I barely check my gmail... exactly for the reasons I've stated... I hate Google.

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And one more add, I did speak to someone at Google during this time, the person of course could barely speak english, accent so thick is was almost like talking to myself. They didn't understand what I was getting at, only that it was "we only offer 14 days".... I assume they knew nothing of the old method even with me explaining it 6 ways to Sunday... never... never again.